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the rocky story

I picked up the movie ROCKY on a lazy sunday yesterday.

Are you aware of the story that ‘Sly’ went through to make that film?

Just wow.

How to survive a BREAK UP


This week you get to relax while I talk about something very VERY close and personal.

I actually considered NOT posting this stuff as it shares some very private details in my personal life.

Then I thought that this is EXACTLY what I should be sharing and posting for you!

The flawless natural, underground style.

I’m going to share with you something that is very close to me and has played a big role in my relationships with woman over the last years. The flawless natural method focuses solely on being able to get beautiful women you want into bed and if you so choose, into a relationship.

Because of the jam packed nature of it, there was no time to cover something that is also important if you are going to manage having all these women in your life.

That is: Breaking up.

Breaking up with a girl is something that can never truly be flawless.

It can, however, be managed and dealt with to minimize the pain to both you and her.

Make no mistake, wether it is you or her doing the breaking up, it hurts both of you EQUALLY as much.

Personally I have had 3 serious (6 month+) relationships in the past 5 years along with various periods of chaos on the town seeing multiple girls every week.

With each girlfriend I have done the breaking up and each one there are some common characteristics and pitfalls you should be aware of that I have experienced.

NOTE: this post is not about how to maintain or choose a good relationship or girlfriend. I may post on this later, if you like, but this week we are specifically looking at the break up itself.

This means either a) you have ALREADY chosen to break up with your girlfriend or b) you have been broken up with or c) neither, but this will be good knowledge to have stored away for the future.

On with the show.

The first girlfriend cheated on me. She was unattractive, unintelligent and just not right at all. But I loved her. Because I really loved having a girlfriend, CHERISHING, doing all those things.

I was a total chodey loser and pretty much deserved to be cheated on at the time.

So girl 1 - Cheated on me and so I broke up with her to maintain any scrap of manly dignity I had. This didn’t hurt so much because I kinda met Girl 2 during the breakup. This made it a lot easier.

The second girlfriend was AMAZING. A beautiful girl and I just got swept up in how amazing she was. By now I actually wasn’t as much loser town and we got along so well. We had our own little world. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and it seemed she felt exactly the same.

Well this seems perfect huh? Well yes and no. I still think if I was with girl 2 that we would be happily ever after… but it wasn’t her fault we aren’t. It was mine.

You see I got discovered by the boys at RSD. They offered me a trip to LA to train as an executive coach. At crossroads with an opportunity of a lifetime I decided to say goodbye while we are still very young and off I went to LA LA Land as a young naive little Aussie kid out to have some reckless fun.

Granted, I am off to LA with no idea what was happening and staying at this random place called project Hollywood. It was actually really tough as well. All my friends were finishing university or other things. My family must have been flipping the hell out.

A mixture of hard work, travel and whirlwind adventure was ensured and I met some of the best friends of my life. In coaching clients, I met some amazing people and every guy who has ever taken a bootcamp with me is now a part of me as much as I am a part of him. Not to mention the truckloads of girls that I met and had the pleasure of.

Fast forward to 2007. I decided to take a year off RSD and pursue the other passion: DJ’ing.

House and electronic music has always been the soundtrack to my life. it uplifts and speaks to the core of me. I scored a wicked residency at a nightclub where I played four nights a week.

It was there I met gorgeous number 3. Young. Stunning and just so womanly and feminine that as we spent more time together we HAD to spend more time together. Being with her was like a massive decompression from the craziness that was world touring, adventure and clubbing for a couple of years.

Then the calling came again. It is this weird feeling of uneasiness I get. Something inside that points me to do certain things. It happened when I broke with girl 2 as well.

I was to go back overseas and continue my RSD quest. This time putting together all the adventure and learnings of now being a natural with women into something real and tangible for the world to see…

…The Flawless Natural Program.

I still loved her but the thing on my mind was I am a man that has his life’s work in front of him. If I am unable to do my work, how can I be a good man? and how can I even deserve a high quality woman such as girl 3?

I firmly believe that if a man is not on top of his stuff, then he doesn’t deserve a high quality woman. It is like deserving unearned riches. You can trick or fool or con people into giving you money just as you can trick or fool or con a girl into you but deep down in your soul something still is not right. It is bad.


At Melbourne airport waiting for the flight to Los Angeles was my mother, father and girl 3.

I remember sitting there knowing that I won’t see these guys for many months as I go to do what I have to do. I tried to hold it back, but as I got on the plane I actually cried for the only time I can really remember.


8 Months later. Flawless Natural was born.

And now, later, girl 3 is gone.

How would I have felt if I hadn’t gone back overseas and created FN?

How would I have felt if I didn’t go and held myself back so that I could just be with my girl?

Much worse than the loss of girl 3 due to me pursuing the dream would be for me not to go for my dream.

So yes. Break ups still hurt and still cause a lot of pain to both parties but sometimes it is just best.

Here are the practical bits of advice that I think are solid:

Surviving a break up 101

1. Don’t rethink, re-live, re-count your decision or past moments together or anything. Try not to visit places that you used to frequent. The emotions will take over and who knows what you will do. Accept the decision and move on.

2. No texting. No talking. No meeting up. Nothing. It cannot be any other way. Don’t go to the same parties or venues or anything.

3. Accept that there is hurt. Don’t deny it and be all tough man. This will just prolong it. You are essentially a good person! So just accept that it is going to be tough for a little while and get on with it. 

4. Take action. Anywhere anytime. Call a friend to meet up. Start a fitness program. Do extra work. Something. Just take action. NO WALLOWING IN YOUR BED OR LAYING AROUND.

5. Think positively. You WILL find someone else. Don’t doubt yourself. You are all good, kid. This happens to everyone at some point. This is where you start to find every ounce of your natural optimism and utilize it.

6. Going and shagging 10 more girls is not going to solve everything. TRUST ME. It is only a temporary solution and wears off after a couple of days before you go and find the next girl. So don’t go all jumping in to the next relationship either. Being single is actually quite fun and cool. You get some alone time and it is much healthier on the back account too!

7. Suck it up and take it like a man. Don’t talk to EVERYONE about it ALL the time and be all “depressed break up man”. Think about your grandfather or father or their generation. When the tough times came they just dealt with it, they didn’t talk and talk and talk about it. They dealt. This is part of being a man, being able to fight your own battles.


Anyway file this post away somewhere for when you may need it. Good luck if you are in this situation. I feel you.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this weeks installment. Hope it gave you some insight.

And now on to more fun stuff…

I am off to the studio to work on some more music!




PS. I have made a master text file of all the attributes from last week. Great stuff! we will use this in the coming weeks.

Everyone is born with 50 points


Hello you.

So you are back for another flawless natural living plan pointer eh?

I don’t blame you. This is some awesome crew we have here joining the journey!

Today’s gift comes to you today from Tyler, My housemate Rion and Myself.

I was out the other night in Melbourne catching a DJ that we really like when we got on the topic of why dudes struggle with girls.

Granted, this lad Rion has never been in the situation of struggling for women. He has always had the same girlfriend for as long as I remember. But he gets approached and girls throw him the eyes of desire all the time.

He chooses his relationship and has never once doubted it. So therefore she never doubts him.

They don’t see each other everyday and have a healthy space between them for them both to do their work and hang with friends. It’s a model cherish relationship.

cherishing in the night


You can tell that the guy is just at peace with where he is at in the club that the girls just roll up on him constantly. He will harmlessly flirt for a bit before cutting it off at the right point without any harm to anyone. Its really cool to see and we have a great time together.

So there is this flawless natural style concept that we were throwing around in the club and it is something that Tyler and I talked about on our very first meeting in Los Angeles back in 2002.

I believe this is the key to Rion’s success and could unlock a new way for yourself.

He said that he has always believed that you are born with say, 50 points to allocate to certain categories in your character.

Tyler believes this too.

Some guys are more funny and higher energy than others. Some are more serious yet charismatic. Some are more relaxed while others are lively. Some are tuned in to culture and arts while others are more into cars and drinking beer.

The thing is, all of these guys get laid by the type of girl they attract into their point allocation characters.

You know those girls that are rev-heads and into big muscles and cars. You also know those girls who are studious and like a more knowledgeable man.

Let me clarify.

If you were to look at the broad spectrum of attributes that a mans character can have:

Charisma, Humor, Alphaness, Risk-taker, Relaxed, Energetic, Physical, Serious, Intelligent, Cocky, Witty, Smart…

The list goes on. The point is that YOU get to choose from an early age what attributes to adopt into your personality.

The cool this is that it doesn’t matter which attributes you have NOW, you can create habits to change them.

Its like a video game. You just earn more points in certain areas.

You are not different to a high class athlete who can shoot and score but no goal-keeping skills. Do you suck because you can’t goal keep - HELL NO! You can shoot goals. The same goes for vice versa.

Which is why RSD is so amazing. RSD is about discovering what attributes you want to attract the girls you want and how to do it.

Look at Jeffy, Ryan, Brad, Tyler, Ozzie… where are their “points” allocated?

This week is about looking honestly at ourselves and where our points lie.

I am starting a thread on RSDnation on Character Points, so we can create a master list of attributes that a man can have.

Head over there now and add some that aren’t already there. Then we can start building our characters from items in that list.

Make Sense?

Good. Head over now. More on this next week!




PS. Quick update on Tim’s world. I am working on a new EP at the moment which I will make free for my Natural Tim readers for a short time! It means that Tim is underground and not going out as much - which HURTS - but it is necessary at the moment.

The SOUL BASELINE LEVEL for Flawless Natural Living


Hey there,

You are not going to believe what I have in store for you Flawless Natural livers.

This is something that our RSD homeboy Ryan and I have been discussing at length lately and I decided it was time to be unleashed for you to think about as well.

This is HIGH LEVEL FLAWLESS NATURAL SKILLSET stuff here. The highest level concept of the FN living plan. To be honest I’m not sure if you can handle it yet… if you truly understand what I am teaching today then you and I are very much alike.

This is one of my favorite and probably one of the most important concepts you will need to understand if you want abundant success in dating beautiful women for the rest of your life.


Take a journey with me for a moment…

You walk into a trendy upscale bar in midtown Manhattan.

As you enter you feel the room glowing with warmth and excitement of a brilliant evening.

There are more gorgeous women in here than you could count. To your left is a line of groups all standing against the wall with their cocktails and drinks. The girls are in stunning flowing dresses as it is summer and the finest of women all show as much skin as they can, in a classy way.

To your right is the amazing cocktail bar with well dressed bartenders politely and skillfully pouring multiple colored liquids into tall glasses. Girls are sitting with their men along this bar, the glisten in their eye as they get more tipsy and anticipate the fun night to come.

The place is buzzing. A DJ spins some deep urban upbeat sounds with smooth vocal snips that echo across the room.

People turn to you as they naturally do when somebody new enters the room. An amazing brunette at the bar looks you right in the eye just as you look left at a slim attractive blonde who seems to be staring at you - she looks away sharply as soon as you notice her glance.

Now what?

What happens next is not determined by how many women you have had in the past. It is not determined by the way you are dressed or how you physically look. It is not determined by your job or how much money you have. It is not determined by the problems or multiple troubles that you have in your life. It is not determined upon what state you are in.

What happens next is verifiably determined by one measurable item only: Your SOUL BASELINE LEVEL or “SBL”.

Each an every man on this planet has something that has been pretty much immeasurable and indescribable: The SOUL.

The soul is why Lance Armstrong got back on the bike. The soul is why Michael Jordan or Bruce Lee fought against everyone around them to drive for what they believed in. The soul is what you see in Brad Pitt’s eyes when he is playing one of his many amazing characters. 

Every man on this planet has one and can feed, nurture and encourage it to make anything and everything happen.

It can either be something that you feel within every fiber of your being every single day or something that is a vague feeling in the background that you suppress with the many forms of societies escapism that is on offer 24/7 (television, junk food, petty bullshit).

Girls are hyper sensitive to changes in a man’s soul. They read it like a book when they see you walk in the room. It is as real as the metabolic physical rate. It beats like a heart for all the world to feel and hear when you are around.

You see it too. You know when somebody is smiling at you from their soul, or simply just giving you a smile with nothing behind it.

You know when a girl opens up and is letting her soul pour out for only you to take, or when she is simply just saying words like “I love you” for the sake of it.

The soul is what makes being alive on this planet so damn real and amazing. To put it simply, the soul is the life of the world and how it moves forward. This is why having soul is the single most attractive thing to a woman, or anybody, that any man can possess.

The times where I have pulled off amazing feats of pickup in the club are when my soul is at the forefront. You can see it in my eyes in the flawless natural. I am not saying that I am any better than anyone, in fact, I am still in soul development mode right now and I want you to come along with me!


It is now time for you to understand and develop your own soul.

The way I understand it, is that your individual soul is made up of things that you, in the most purest form, do for yourself.

Now don’t take the above line lightly. It sounds so simple and you may think you do a lot for yourself, when in face the truth is otherwise.

The soul is fed and grows upon things that you do, in the most purest form, for yourself.

Think about the last time you did something physical. Running, Riding, Gym. Hopefully it wasn’t too long ago! 

What were the reasons that you did that physical activity?

Was it to look awesome for the ladies? To look good for other people? To meet expectations on what is good looking? Did you do it because you see other people who you want to be and then try to copy them or be like them?

OR Did you do it because it makes you feel alive on this earth? Did you do it because it purely makes you feel awesome and powerful afterward? Did you do it because you want to have increased energy to do all the amazing things that YOU want to do?

Does Brad pitt or Mark Wahlberg need to work out? They are married with kids so they don’t get up early and hit it hard every morning if it is for the ladies. I read a quote from Mark on going to the gym a while ago and he said simply “I just get up early, eat my egg whites, and hit the gym hard. I JUST GET IT DONE…”

This is done purely for himself and not a single other person on the planet. Is he selfish? Yes. Is selfishness a good thing? you decide.

Doing things absolutely for your own self and nobody else is  a form of selfishness that feeds your own soul. On a surface level it makes you UNREACTIVE to the whims of others.

Some examples are going off and meditating in a garden for 20mins. Reading a book. Eating an amazingly healthy meal. Playing golf.

It can also mean choosing something way outside your comfort zone and totally different to what people would think or expect of you, like joining a weekly adventure sport such as rock climbing. The whole reason you are reading this post means you are doing something to for yourself, you are getting good with girls and that is a selfish thing too. GO YOU!

For more information or amazing soul food visit any Ayn Rand novel: Atlas Shrugged, Anthem and Fountainhead are amazing.

So, back to the “SBL” and how it works.

Back to our story in the midtown Manhattan bar… A couple of girls have looked at you. They see a quality in you that is not in the other men. They see fire in your eyes. They feel a massive presence in you. People turn and glance at you for just that little bit longer than a normal person. They wonder what it is about you. They can’t put their finger on it but you are strangely alluring. “What-is-it-about-him?” they think to themselves.

You are totally unreactive and are so comfortable in your own skin you are almost laughing to yourself at how carefree and present you are.

This is because your SBL is high. You have been at the gym and riding a bike all week. You worked hard to afford the cool threads that you just bought to roll out in. You take care of your grooming precisely and are excited about the adventures that you could provide do a woman who is daring to go with you. For a girl to reject you would almost be ridiculous at this point. Silly them. Oh well, on to the next lucky one. It is inevitable that I go home with a beautiful girl tonight. Everything is in its right place.


Get the picture?


So this week we are focusing on REGULAR ACTIVITIES to increase your SOUL BASELINE LEVEL.

These are things that you MUST DO every DAY or WEEK to make sure you are ON POINT and FEELING GOOD.


I want you to post or write down three things, that if done every week you will be happy that you completed.


One must be PHYSICAL. The rest can be anything you want them to be.

Next week I share some of the personal things I do to raise my own SBL.


Have a great week, and let your SOUL GLOW he he he.



The Glimpse of Glory phenomenon


Hey there,


How are you going with the opener of desire?

Much love to the guys who dedicated themselves to trying it out.

I really love that I have a forum to communicate to you and other users of the flawless natural methodology.

This week I am going to answer some questions from the previous week but also give you something very special that I have never talked about, but always knew. Its a secret phenomenon called ‘The Glimpse of Glory’ and I am sure you have felt it at some point but haven’t harnessed its power.

So first of all, thanks for the entertainment of ‘Matty Balls’, Jon B and Goldenchild for their interesting and awesome field reports.

The correlation that all of these had was the ‘click’ moment where you are in the middle of testing or using this material when approaching a girl and all of a sudden a short burst of awareness happens where you think “THIS IS WHAT IS IS ALL ABOUT!”.

Im sure that you have had it too.

You approach a girl and irrespective of the outcome of the approach, you got a small GLIMPSE OF GLORY.

It could happen just as you see the girl. It could happen as you are walking up, or the very second you stop her before you have said anything. It could also happen five minutes into the conversation.

It can even happen as the girl walks away after rejecting you.

Your body relaxes, it smiles to itself and you get a small, sharp time warp moment that looks into the future and says “YOU ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME AT THIS”.

It is the weirdest feeling. It doesn’t normally last longer than a second.

It is free of analyzation, theory or thought. You simply just KNOW that all will be ok.

Maybe you screwed up this approach, but you gained massive insight into how not to screw up the next one.

This is the beauty of the guys that are out there putting this stuff into practice and why approaching girls you are attracted to is such a fun and fulfilling thing to do.

So next time you do an approach, look for it. Look for that one sharp point where your body and mind have one big “UH-HUH!” moment. It happens EVERY TIME. That is the Glimpse of Glory and that is why you will get your vision.

Now, revisiting last week I had a number of questions on what to do if she says “I have a boyfriend”.

I cannot possible theorize on the whole spectrum of responses, unlocking some sort of code in a keyboard jockey type way. But what I can do is tell you what I have done in that situation.

1. She clearly likes you but clearly does have a boyfriend. This is clear because she still wants to chat and has a big smile on her face.

Tim’s response: Make her a friend and get her number or get out of there, leaving her to her BF.

2. She looks weirded out and says “I have a boyfriend”. This means you haven’t come across cool enough BUT could also mean she has a boyfriend.

Tim’s response: Get playful to see if she warms up. “DO you want another one?” is a typical humor type response that I detail in Flawless Natural.

If she still isn’t warm or polite to you this is why:

1. She is having a bad day or just plain SUCKS. Careful not to use this as an excuse for a bad approach.

2. You did a bad approach. You look weird, uncomfortable or sound canned. You know it yourself. If you have that feeling of awkwardness inside she will feel it and this can damage your results.

In the case of number two, listen to the Glimpse of Glory and use that for fuel to your next approach!

After all… relax and smile, you are just socializing.

Im giving you the week off in terms of a mission, because I have something pretty cool lined up next week.

Have a glimpse of glory day!


Flawless Natural Living Plan: Opener of desire (…oh and pain)


Welcome back to the glorious land of the naturals.

Today is an amazing day. First I want to enlighten you on the pain of the game. Then back this up with some true glory - my very own opener of desire. Pretty much all I ever use when approaching these days.

To kick things off, I have just finished reading ‘It’s not about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong. If you haven’t read it, I thought it was an easy and really good read. You will knock it over in a day and get a very big appreciation for a hero and his mindsets.


Here is a quote from him:


“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.”


It happens to you all the time. You go out. You approach girls. Sometimes it hits like FIRE, sometimes it doesn’t.


The one thing you should know about pain is if you choose it and choose to bear it knowing its rewards at the end - it will be inevitable that you get them.


Wow I remember so many nights where I would go home empty handed. Or having been shunned by every girl in the club.


But do you know what? the pain only went down so far. You should never let it consume you or take you over.




Because you have CHOSEN to feel that pain. Those tough nights, the loneliness, the struggle.


You have chosen it because of the REWARD at the end. Your VISION.


This is why the pain only went down so far. Because I always had my vision there to back me up.

If I sucked one night - so what - maybe I wont suck tomorrow, or next month, or next year.


Getting rejected by this girl or that girl became LAUGHABLE because I knew that somewhere around the corner BOOM… I would reap all the rewards.


So welcome to the new year, mr natural.


You have no way of knowing what’s in store for you this year. What adventures lie around the corner. What amazing gorgeous girl you are going to meet.

Hey, she is probably just around the corner.


So this week is dedicated to a bit of light motivation while you recover and regroup after having a big new year period, as I certainly did.


Personally I went back to the gym today and am back eating my same meals a day. My soul is smiling.


Me and my friends have new sayings… “Soul Glow” and “Soul Frown”.


Like when you are stuck in an airport with a big ass delay = Soul Frown

When you find 20 bucks in a pocket that you didn’t know was there = Soul Glow


So add that to the Flawless natural vocabulary!


“Oh man after I read that post today I had full soul glow”

“Oh man I approached this girl Susie and got shut down, SOUL FROWN! ah well”


Well then. On to your in field mission this week:


I have an opener I want you to use. This is from my personal repertoire of glory. Use wisely.

This is pretty much along the lines of which I open with ALL THE TIME.


For those that have seen the Flawless Natural, you will remember me talking about looking at a girl before you approach and really letting yourself ENJOY her. Look at her ass, her face, her body and really SOAK IT UP as a MAN before you approach.

Something inside you should click “Oh yes… this is for me”.


I want you do feel this the next time you see a girl who you like, in the club, or whatever… then walk right up and say:


“Hey… you know what… I just couldn’t continue my day unless I met you”

***pause wait for blush/reaction***

“I was just walking along, minding my own business and then I saw you and went WHOA I have to meet this girl or I would kick myself”.

“I’m Tim”.


Now. Do not run this through your head and picture it going amazingly and having the girl swooning in your arms. Also don’t throw “what if she is in a group”, “what if she is on the moon and I cannot reach her” typer scenarios at me. That is rubbish. JUST GO. GROUP OR NO GROUP OR MOON JUST GO!!!


I want you, before next weeks post, to go out and TRY THIS OUT IN REAL LIFE.


Then come back and report in the comments section here. I will read these personally and actually reply to those who tried this out in next weeks post.




This will be awesome.




PS. Happy NEW YEAR woooooop!

FN Living Plan part III (New Years Special)

So by now you have most likely gone to your hometown parents place for some christmas goodness.

I LOVE the responses to this plan and have a couple of posts already mapped out for the next coming weeks for you but I think that this one here today is my personal favorite.

This is going to be an AMAZING year for you. I know it.

You have been building up the last couple of weeks, from visions to heros, now its time to get specific on women for 2009.

On the flawless natural program (which these blogs are designed to follow) I talk about creating a vision for your ideal woman… Let me elaborate with a recent story that happened to me a couple of days ago.


(Meeting the girl that connects)

Before setting back to my hometown before christmas I decide to head out with some friends.

We are rolling through laughing and having our normal jolly time.

All of a sudden I hear a “Hey Tim!” behind me… it’s a guy I vaguely know but haven’t seen for a few months. We start talking and I am introduced to his stunning blonde girlfriend. Classy dress. Clearly the most stunning girl in the place in a girl next door way as opposed to the turboslutty type.

Now of course I am totally more focused on my friend, but he eventually gets pulled away by another guy to the bar, leaving me and the girlfriend.

Now here is where it gets tricky to explain.

You see, I have been to a few countries and met a few girls in my past days but every once in a while something happens:


It happens when you and a girl CLEARLY MATCH IN EVERY WAY and it happens as soon as you say hello to each other.

It feels like a massive glowing fireball that hits you both in the chest at the same time. You talk like you have known each other since you were born.

You lose track of time. The conversation is effortless and gold flows out of your mouth to the point where it doesn’t even seem like you are in a normal human conversation of words, but something like a glorious energy exchange. A dance where you are not touching each other.

A dance that is not happening physically, but it’s definitely happening.

To everyone else in the bar you look like old friends that haven’t seen each other for years. The truth: you have only known her for six minutes.

The way her mouth moves when she talks, the way she accidently brushes your leg, the way she leans in closer and hangs on your every word, the way she understands everything you say, the way she bows her head to you in silent acknowledgement… but the MOST important thing is she understands from a mere minute of having meeting you… she understands WHO YOU ARE as a man. You two CLICK and FLOW.

So with this understanding she has, it’s like her whole being is shouting at you: “I love you”.

You are the only two in the room that know it.

Can you fake this kind of interaction? No.

What is the Click and Flow?

It is rare but not rare enough to not occur if YOU do the right things.

The click and flow is an accumulation.

Its an accumulation of all the hours spent in the gym and eating healthy.

Of all the social interactions you have had.

Of all the time you have spent on becoming a hero.

Of those nights where everything is quiet and you can dream of the future.

Of those lonely times when maybe you’re out in a garden somewhere or looking at the stars.

Of all the struggles and challenges that you have overcome in your world.

Most of all its the time when you snap to a point in time and she can see all of that accumulated.

In the way you walk. The way you talk. The way you smile. The quiet confidence in something as small as a sip from your drink.

She knows instantly. She wants you sexually, mentally, emotionally.

So part III of the FN Program is different to a bunch of new years resolutions that don’t work.


It’s going to be simple: Put your 2009 order in now.


A good friend of mine once told me: DEFINE YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEONE DEFINES YOU

I would also like you to think of defining your woman before she defines you.


Part 1:

What girl would you like to have the CLICK and FLOW with?

How will it happen?

Where will you be?

How will you be carrying yourself?

Here is what you do… go back to the thread you did on RSDnation.com and post the answer to the above questions.

A short paragraph on YOUR 2009 CLICK AND FLOW experience. How it will go down. Details, details, details.

Really FEEL IT as you write it.


Part 2:

Define YOU.

What are YOU going to look like in 2009.

When that girl talks to you for the first time what is she going to FEEL?

What does she INSTANTLY love about you?


Next week we are going to have a FIELD MISSION relating to this :)

Getting excited yet?


I wish only one thing for you in 2009… even if it only happens ONCE.


I want you to have a CLICK and FLOW with an amazing woman.

Happy new year - 2009 is the year for you.


Much love.




PS. So me and the girl parted ways after a massive close hug and kiss that was almost a bit too long and suspicious for the boyfriend. I got the hell out of there. There are many more click and flow moments to be had in ‘09 than to get into a drama with a friends girl. Call it game-maturity.

Official Flawless Natural Living Plan (Part II)

How to think like a hero and therefore become a hero.

Welcome to part II of the official Flawless Natural living plan.

Be prepared for some more awesome lifestyle deluxe makeover action!

Now, how has your week been?

I have read through all your guys comments and really love that you are with me on this.
You see, I am actually going through all this personally myself.
This is exactly how I spend my days.

So I take it that you are doing your nightly “vision living”, eating healthy and working out so that your brain/body has the necessary fuel and energy to actually think great thoughts and do great things.

I am only writing this article to you.

Well, let’s get on with the show: YOUR SHOW.

Chances are that if you are reading this you are a man. Which I must say from personal experience, is pretty damn cool in itself.

You have all these physical and mental resources that are available to you. If you choose to unlock them.
The point of unlocking this powerful man is so that you can live an exciting, happy and charged life.
Not for anyone else, but for YOU.

So just HOW can a man do this?

Simple. You must be a HERO.

When I was growing up and very young I was fascinated with super heroes. Batman was my personal favorite. I would run around our backyard jumping off things pretending I was Batman. I remember being so into this I started telling the kids at school that I WAS actually batman. I said it with such conviction that a small group actually BELIEVED me.

Since then I guess I have found my own way to be a superhero and I believe it is EVERY man on this planets
duty to become their own HERO.

(how a hero works)

1. A hero needs something to fight for.

A hero has a SINGLE VISION. AN IDEA. A PURPOSE. This idea is what he stands for, what he values most and the area of his life he is dedicated to being the best at. This is unshakable.

A hero would rather die going after his vision than to live and not try at all.

Point: Have you ever noticed some men are dead inside? they have a glazed over look in their eye?

This means that his vision/lifestyle are misaligned.

2. A hero is always in control

You know when a hero has walked into the room. He is what you would call extremely PRESENT.
You feel him in the room and girls are more hyper-tuned to pick up on him than men.
If you want to generate super crazy attraction in a woman (without visibly doing anything) then this is it.

How did he get this way?

He is not trying to ESCAPE.

This is HUGE.

In today’s society, with marketing being at such potent subliminal levels, we think that we are in control
of our lives when the truth is we are not. The world barrages our mind with so much external stuff that pulls us in all sorts of different directions.

Im sure there is something in your mind right now, that you feel that if you had this ONE thing - that all would be good and you can be happy and ok.

Here are some of the things your mind may play games with you:
“when I get my university degree”. “When I learn to get chicks”. “When I have a million dollars”.
“When I get that super cool T-shirt i saw”. “When I finally get my body in shape”.

These are just examples of your mind escaping the present moment. Telling yourself that you need these things LATER in order to feel like a HERO NOW.

Truth is, these are all EXTERNAL and have NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING A HERO.

These are forms of MENTAL ESCAPISM. TV is an escape. Eating junk food is an escape. Having sex with a random bar-whore can (sometimes) be an escape.

An escape from the HERO’s TRUE PATH.

You can actually be a hero NOW if you do something that gets you on your path.
Maybe it’s going to the supermarket and getting a car load of vegetables and fruits.
Maybe it’s doing some research on something that really MOVES YOUR SOUL.

The true path that should be revealed to you every night before your sleep - when you are living your vision.

You see - a hero never needs to escape. He knows he is doing EVERYTHING HE CAN to get to his vision.

For example, How do you feel for the rest of the day when you have hit up a healthy meal and the gym in the morning?
AWESOME. You walk around KNOWING that you are doing everything you can.

Here is a part of my own personal journal:

“I sat and ate a meal in front of the TV today. It was off.

I slowed down. Chewed all my food. Heard birds chirping outside.
This was a much better sound. A much more entertaining meal.
It was a very healthy meal too.
Raw vegetable salad. Brown Rice. Lean Chicken.

This felt like the most awesome 20mins I have ever had in my entire life”

So a hero is always in control, because he knows that when he makes a decision it is almost never
a form of ESCAPE and almost always something that will benefit his vision.

Still not getting it?

Watch this entire video before continuing on:

At 6:20ish he tells you his heroic vision. Look at the pleasure in his face.
This guy is a hero. Look at the way he is talking. Look at his face. Look at how he is living his vision.
I dream that one day I look like him at my age. You understand I am not talking PHYSICALLY looking like him.
Look at his face. His unmovable passion.

On a side note this guy has made me listen to Chopin every day and its upped the quality of my life instantly.


Ok so here is this week’s exercise, to stack on top of last week’s.

1. Why are you a hero?

You need to choose something to fight for. How? What is ONE thing that you have a deep unmovable desire to be number 1 in the world at? Not number 2. You might as well go for number 1 or there is no point living. What do you want to be the best at? If you could choose one thing what would it be?

2. Go to www.rsdnation.com and If you do not have an account: get one.

I want you to start your own thread in the main section titled: MY FLAWLESS NATURAL LIVING PLAN

Post your heroic vision. What you wish to be number one at.

When you post it there you are confirming it to ME, your RSD peers and YOURSELF that you are committed
to being a hero.

3. For this week you will keep a LOG of the things that you did EVERY DAY for 7 days that was aligned with
your quest to be number one. Post this under your thread on RSDnation.

E.g Say one night you are doing your “vision ritual” and you get a great idea - go and write it. Post it.
or say you smash it in the gym on a particular day - post it.
Be committed to it.

I can see everyone on RSDnation supporting each other on this.

The new year is starting soon and christmas is a couple of days away - give yourself the gift of being your own superhero.

Merry Christmas - See you for part III next monday