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How to tap into your “Deep Champion”


Let’s smash right into this post. I’m going to enlighten you a little on TRUE enjoyment.

Inside all of us men there is a DEEP CHAMPION.

Underneath all the layers of social, external standards and THINGS - there is a CORE MAN, DEEP, DEEP underneath it all.

WARNING: I’m about to take you on a bit of a self discovery journey here. Now I am by no means what I call an “aura-guy”. I have trouble grasping anything too spiritual or airy-fairy. Out there in clubs and bars, hitting up girls and having an awesome time doing it is where my true love lays. As always, I love practical stuff that you can go out and try immediately - but in this post I really want to illustrate where the true FLAWLESS NATURAL comes from and how he can be awakened within you, now.

To start on this I need you to FORGET for a moment.

Forget the game.

Forget your job or circumstances.

Forget what you look like or the clothes you have on.

Forget the current physical shape you are in.

Forget where you think your life is heading.

Forget your friends and family.

Just forget it all. All I need is you…

There is an old school zen saying that really struck a chord with me when I read it:



Re-read the above until you connect with the core YOU. Imagine no roof, no sky, no anything above you - no ground to stand on, no earth below your feet.

Just YOU, suspended in a VOID.

This is where you connect to your DEEP CHAMPION. That man that is hidden deeply underneath the clutter of everyday life.

This man has so much going for him:

- He has PURPOSE
- He is HAPPY because he is ALIVE
- He moves you in the direction of your ‘bliss’

These are just some of the things your deep champion has going for you.

Lets look at the first thing, becuase this has the most relation to what I want to talk about.


I want you to think back to your last couple of approaches.
When you walk up to the girl, what is your PURPOSE?

Is it to get better at the game? if so then WHY?

Is it to get a girlfriend or have sex? if so then WHY?

Is it to get better social skills? if so then WHY?

Is it so you can bed 1000 women in a month? if so the WHY?

Is it so you can have ultrasupercool game like Tim or Tyler or anyone else?


What is your motivation?

This question is at the root of all successful or unsuccessful pickups, PERIOD.

Let’s illustrate here with two guys, Sam and Ben - they are both pretty much the same looking, same physical shape and same clothes. They both like sports and are what you would call a ‘regular dude’.

Sam has been learning pickup theory for a few months, he really wants to get good so he can show himself and his friends that he can get hot girls. He has never had a hot girlfriend and really wants one. Its a serious pain point in his life and he thinks about it constantly. One day he wants to be as good as pickup instructors or maybe even instruct himself in the future.

Ben has also been learning pickup theory for quite some time. He has never had a hot girlfriend or even been with a hot girl. Every night he goes to sleep imagining the smell and touch of a beautiful girl. He daydreams about it constantly. He is deeply motivated by the adventure and sense of wonder in getting beautiful women. One day he wants to find that blissful relationship that he can feel deep inside. She is out there. Somewhere.

Sam and Ben go to the same club, ‘Paradiso’ on a Saturday night.

Sam is first to get inside with his buddies. He is prepared for battle. All night he has been thinking about his game. Tonight he feels ON. He cant really concentrate on his friends because he is scanning the club for the next target.

Ben rolls up with his friends. He is joking around with his buddies and genuinely enjoying himself. In the back of his mind he is hoping to see some hot girls at the club, but is having fun anyway.

About half an hour in, an absolute stunner, Anna, walks in with her friends.

Sam sees her and his brain buzzes. She is a true HB10. He reels his mind for openers and chooses one and goes.

He approaches HARD and taps her, reeling off his canned opener that’s worked 1000 times before. She is a little stunned, but obliges with a response. Sam senses the vibe and goes for attraction. He busts on her about her body language to which she laughs. Sam decides now to go for phisical escalation. He puts his hand over her shoulder. Anna laughs and leaves it there but is wondering what this guy is doing. Sam starts telling Anna some stories and throwing some attract bits in there.

He is thinking “YES! my game is on FIRE tonight!”. She seems to be enjoying the interaction. Sam goes in for the kiss… She is caught a little off guard and tells Sam that she must go find her friends. Sam gets her number before she leaves to find her friends. Boom, solid number close… Sam is stoked.

About half an hour later Ben sees Anna up at the bar ordering a drink. He looks at her and is lovestruck. She hits him to his core. She has the perfect body, the right smile and the way she carries herself is immediately alluring to Ben.

He imagines himself pulling her in tight and passionately making out with her. Ben is also thinking about HER enjoying HIM as much as he enjoys her.

Ben knows he has to approach, despite of that fear creeping up inside his body. He must go now… He focuses on Anna like a LAZER, driven deeply by a sense of manliness inside. If anything, he will enjoy talking to such a fine girl. He goes in STRONG…

Ben: “Hey, I’m ben.”
Anna:”Oh hey. I’m Anna”
Ben: “Cool. Ya know, I was walking back to my friends, but I would KICK myself if I didnt come and meet you.
Anna: “haha. so where are you from?”

Ben instantley notices how good Anna smells. He quickly glances at her nice breasts tucked away behind a classy dress. His mind says “God I want to have sex with this girl”.

Ben is truely enjoying her. Every fibre of his BEING wants her. He is just EXCITED to be there in her presence.

They throw back conversation with each other easily. He is not agreeing with everything she says… quite the opposite, he is actually flirting with her on a number of random topics that come into his head. A little while later Anna’s friends come over to see where she is. Ben immediately introduces himself and has genuine interest in the friends, he pictures them as little cheerleaders for him and Anna hooking up.

She is loving it. He is too.

At a random rush of enjoyment Ben grabs the half full drink out of her hand and necks it. She hits him playfully. He snatches her hand and leads her to the dancefloor where he pulls her in tight to his chest. God she smells amazing.

At the height of both of their enjoyment, he pulls her in closer so her cheek is lightly brushing his. They are both getting ultra turned on. She loves the way he is leading and going for her without barriers. He angles his neck so their lips come together smoothly and they start passionately making out.

Time stands still. They feel like they are making out forever.

Anna’s friends come and drag her to the bathroom. She tells Ben to wait by the dancefloor. His friends come up to chat him. Meanwhile in the bathroom the girls are giggling about how cute Ben is and how she should totally go with him tonight. Anna says she will see where it goes.

Its getting late, so Ben decides as soon as she comes out of the bathroom to casually escort her out of the club back to his house.

All the way to the cab and back to the house they are close, making out, laughing and just having a fun, light time together.

Ben takes her to his room. He ravishes her the way he deeply knows how. She takes him with full enjoyment and ecstacy.

What was the core difference between Sam and Ben?

Their core motivation.

From the start, Sam didnt even really know his motivation or intention. He was worried about his game and not even enjoying the girl in front of him. He put his arm around the girl in an attempt to get physical. But what for? It was what I call the PURPOSELESS HAND OF DOOM.

Seems like Sam was the purposeless MAN of doom. He had the wrong intentions. His movements were not dictaed by the CORE DEEP CHAMPION INSIDE. They were dictated by some external worldly standards.

Anna felt it on some level. Something was Awry.

If Sam called Anna, she would flake.

Now Ben is in touch with his inner champion. His purpose: to ENJOY women and the adventure and beauty that accompanies them. He feels a deep passion for women. His understanding of women is not reliant upon mere pickup material - if the material doesnt gel with his deep, true champion - he doesnt even use it.

So Ben wins.

And, so does Anna.


Kicking the shoes off. (Minimal game explained)

Hello there.

I want you to remember the most recent time you went to a persons house or apartment for the very first time. Maybe you didnt even know that person very well…

Most of the time it goes like this:

You step inside after a brief lecture of how sorry they are that their house is a mess (even though most of the time its in totally pristine shape).

Following that is the tour of everything; “Here is the bed, here is the kitchen, oh let me show you where the toilet is… would you like to sit here? or here?”. Along the way, of course, there is running commentary on EVERY item in the place. It gives that weird vibe in the air where the host is trying to show you their most prized space and worrying what the guest thinks, while the guest is actually trying not to trip over anything or say the wrong thing about the wierd painting on the wall.

Its uncomfortable for both guest AND host.

My question is why is it so uncomfortable?

Let me tell you a story about my buddy ‘Natural Sean’. This guy ALWAYS has the hottest girlfriends. A true flawless natural. He is a magnet and I couldnt understand his magnetic magical power until recently.

Anyway Sean invited me over to his place for a quiet few drinks with some friends. He aswered the door with a big hello, telling me to kick my shoes off anywhere I like. I put them neatly at the front door as he grabs his arm around my neck and drags me inside. Sean has scruffy hair and has such a laid back, cruisey energy that you can’t help but feel relaxed around him.

He leads me straight through the house, no commentary, no tour, just out the back to where we end up sitting. Without saying a word he jumps up and fixes us a drink… chatting about nothing in particular as he goes. Awesome. I immediately feel comfortable and decide that THIS is the way to bring girls to your house.

It wasnt a special house, it was actually kinda messy. Although it had one thing: A special VIBE. That vibe was total comfort. He wasnt trying to make his place seem great - it was great because we were there. That is all.

He had that vibe in everything he did. His car was RUBBISH but for some reason it seemed cool because it was his and HE thought it was cool. He made no attempt to say it was the best, or the worst. It was what it was, and he was happy with that.

When you were around this guy it seemed like nothing else was needed in the world. He wasnt talking about how busy he was in the future or about past things. Sean lives for the very second he is in, he ENJOYS every second. Minimal game at its finest.

Amazed at this I started adopting the ‘kick the shoes off’ minimal game practice throughout EVERYTHING I did when dating girls.

When I approached a girl in a bar or club, I would talk to her like it was my house and I wasnt TRYING to get her to like it. I just AM. And happy to be that too, thankyou.

When I called a girl in the phone, I simply said what was needed in that moment. “Hey there, what are you up to?… Oh cool… Yeah, come hang out”. Strictly no swirly lines or stories or anything - just cruisey, laid back, GIVING VIBE the whole way.

When I bought a girl to my house, I just threw my shoes off and made no attempt to clean up or explain the dirty socks on the floor. I would sit myself down with no fuss, she followed and sat too. I was comfortable therefore SHE was comfortable.

The result: my happiness and game skyrocketed.

The lesson: DONT TRY SO MUCH! Be happy with what is happening. Enjoy.

As soon as there is that TRYING vibe coming off you (like your trying to get pickup lines, or routines, or a pickup concept to work) - then the girl will feel exactly like the uncomfortable house guest, and you will feel like the uncomfortable host.

What are some of the ways that YOU can start ENJOYING? Comments please.

kick those shoes off!


Visions of success!

Hey guys,

I’m really excited today, and want you to be too.

I have a bit of a cool little thing to show you and a mission at the end which will definitely help you achieve amazing, deep, long term success with women and all areas of your life. Fun times!

The most important part in getting the results you want with women comes down to simply making up your mind to do so. Sometimes negative experiences snap us into action, or frustration, or even excitement of the possiblity of an abundant supply of women in your life.

Whatever it is, your CONSCIOUS mind makes the decision and sends that little thought deep down into your SUBCONSCIOUS.

The conscious is resposible for logical, rational and analytical thinking.

The subconscious is responsible for memory, habits, reflexes and automatic body functions.

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to engrain new sucessful habits into my subconscious and the absolute best way for me to do this is a well known technique of creating a VISIONBOARD.

Have you ever had something on your mind that you wanted SO bad that it
dominated your thoughts, and because you thought about it so much - your subconscious made it happen?

I’m sure you are aware of the crazy power your subconsious mind has.

About an hour ago I just finished my new visionboard and I wanted you to take an insider peek.

Here is how I created it:

1. Picture in your mind EXACTLY what you want. EXACTLY. No matter how stupid or expensive or hot or whatever. Dont judge it - if you could have ANYTHING in the world what would it be. Write down your visions immediately. It helps to maybe put on some fly deep house tunes in the background to help you make your list.

2. Purchase cork board set and clear board pins ($17.99) - this is mine

3. Search for images relating to your list such as “Swedish Model” “Achilles fighting” “Hot girls” also include any of your own photos that relate to your success in the FUTURE

4. Put the images on a disc or memory stick and run down to the nearest Kinko’s or photo printing center and find one of those machines that prints digital photos

5. Print all the images (mine cost about $0.29c ea)

6. Arrange the images in a cool way as shown below (this is my personal board I created an hour ago):

you can probably recognize some of the pics from the blog!

7. Hang up as close to where you wake up/sleep every day. You want to look at this board before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up.

Now I’m personally a very down to earth guy. Im not a mystical magical spirit mage who believes in aura or divine swirly powers but here is the deal…

A couple of years ago when I REALLY wanted to be a DJ (having no experience, skill or contacts in the industry) I made one of these boards with all of my favourite DJs on it. Images of crowds cheering and general DJ club pics. I hung it on a wall near my bed and looked at it every morning and night.

I remember falling asleep every night just thinking about how cool it would be to DJ. Sure enough no less than one year later I was DJing parties and clubs with 800 people in front of me four times a week. Awesome.

Whenever i’m thinking WHY AM I DOING THIS?, WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? or just feeling chode: I look at my board and it steers me back on track.

SO a mission for you personally: Go out tomorrow on your lunch break and invest the 20 bucks and get yourself a cool little vision board. Its such a fun process to create and even more fun seeing the things on the board materialize. Be sure to let me know how you go!

Wishing you all the success in the world…


Free Download: Flawless Natural Teleseminar


Hello there!

 I have been so excited about unleashing the ‘Flawless Natural’ method on the world that we have decided to offer the recent teleconference for FREE play and download…


Also, don’t forget to hit up to see the absolute glory on offer. Summer love time!


 PS. Keep checking in for blog updates. Im on here at LEAST three times a week or more! full flawless natural material - direct from the field.

The ghosts we all chase


Hey guys!

Chilling out here in LA getting ready for my flight to New York tomorrow.
Alex is staying with me at the moment. The conference of desire is this friday.


We train for these programs like an olympic event. Its insane.
Gym, Work on Material, Rest and go out. Lot of stuff going on behind the scences of the ‘Flawless Natural’, some stuff I cant talk about yet - but you will be the first to know!

Anyway I wanted to chime in with something thats EXTREMELY important to the ‘Flawless Natural’. Some food for thought to mix in with all the outer game stuff im throwing out there.

Its called CHASING GHOSTS, and we all do it from time to time.

Have you ever seen a hot superturbo honey walk into a club with that bitchy look on her face?
As soon as you see her you play a MOVIE IN YOUR MIND of you approaching her and it being a total
wipeout… she just looks so bitchy.

So you dont approach.

OR You are at home thinking about going out. So you play a quick little movie in your mind of you approaching girls and it being difficult. You rationalise that it will proabably be a bad night.

So you dont go out.

OR You just split up with your girlfriend. Now because she is gone and you feel that emptiness of a lost relationship you start to play movies in your head about how awesome she really was or (even worse) how awesome she could be if you just fixed it. Then you call her and try to get the relationship back together, only to find it is just as crappy as when you split up.

So she doesn’t want you back and you feel worse.

OR you’re out at the club and its packed full of dudes and only a handful of girls. You play a movie in your head of how bad the night is. You waste your time walking around talking about how chode the night is and dont even
look at the girls that you could approach.

So you wast your time and go home, alone.

OR you have a girlfriend and you constantly think about her cheating on you. You picture her with other dudes and make yourself FURIOUS. In the end you start resenting her when she has totally done nothing at all.

So because of your resentment she actually DOES hook up with another dude.


Lets look at this for a second.

What is the constant automatic process happening here?


When I first realised this, it was early in the stages of going out and meeting girls. I remember seeing this one absolute stunner walk through a club. The chodes were parting like a sea for her. High heels, slim body with big fake breasts and a wicked dress which of course barely passed her hips. She had a walk that could step over any man and a pout to match.

Here I am: Little Timmy learning ‘game’, feeling my stomach churn as I thought about approaching. She looked so damn fierce! I remember vividly playing this detailed movie in my mind of my entire approach, her being a total bitch and me getting blown out HARD. I decide that i’ll feel worse if I dont go in and at least get blown out - so I walk over to her expecting the worst… I tap her on the shoulder…

ME: “Hey, I’m Tim, you looked cool so I had to meet you” (bracing myself)
HER: “Oh hey Tim *giggle*, I’m Kristy, are you having a good night?”

She was the nicest most gorgeous girl I talked to that night. I ended up with her phone number after a brief chat which was super bubbley and positive.

WOW. I was amazed at how bad the vivid movie of doom was that I played in my mind before hand.

So then I decided. No more movies.

The lesson: The movies in your mind are as real as GHOSTS. NOTHING. Pointless.
They will distract you from your true goal and purpose and you can’t let them.

Chasing people or thoughts in your mind is as RETARTED as CHASING A GHOST.

So stop.


1) RECOGNISING that your mind is playing a movie of ghosts is the first step. Sometimes you dont even know your doing it!

2) Look at it and LAUGH IT OFF. Say to yourself “Ahh silly little ghost movie. Back to reality! Back to my glory!”

3) REPLACE the movie with something powerful IN REAL LIFE. Take immediate action in defiance of the GHOSTS.

Once you take immediate in-world action in defiance of the ghosts, the movie will dissolve and you can be on your glorious way. Yay!

See you in New York champs!
Flawless Natural for LIFE!


PS. I’m personally reading all the comments. Some wicked thoughts and support coming through here. Wooo!

PPS. There are still a couple of seats available for this weekend in New York. FULL GLORY TIMES.


 Hey champs, 

Wanna know a cool technique from the secret vault of the flawless naturals?

Haha of course. Especially if it has such a delightful name such as ‘Oblivious Dick-lead Deluxe’ or simply, ODD.
Something I have observed in myself and other ‘naturals’ is this wickedly cool and dangerously attractive trait.

Now have you ever noticed how some guys - no matter what they do - have a CRAZY MAGNETISM to them?
Like they wont be doing ANYTHING and sure enough you see girls gravitate towards him.

Would you like that power? yep… go ODD.

Would you like to build more core sexual manly intent? yep… go ODD.

Would you like to make girls snap into a sexual state with you instantly? yep… go ODD.

SO how do we go ODD Natural Tim?

I will illustrate with a simple little story from the field (cos that’s where all this stuff is built, ya know).

We were out this weekend on bootcamp when I saw the coolest thing: The green man of fury.

I was talking to some girls who recognised me from another night out. They had some aussie dudes with them who were chill so I was just making friends
and shooting the shit, had no real passion for any of the girls but they were fun and the main group of the bar.

Anyway as im chatting to one girl out of the corner of my eye I spot this MASSIVE OLDER MAN in an eye-hurtingly bad green polo shirt.
He was around 40 in age and looked like he had spent way too much time in the sun. Lets just say badly aged + green scary shirt.

NOTE: Picture for illustrative purposes only

But he was the GREEN MAN OF FURY because he was ODD.

I spied him approach a girl on the stool at the bar. Oh man it was AWESOME. He rolls RIGHT UP TO HER FACE and looks fully oblivious like kinda stoned
but FULLY UNREACTIVE. In a breaking rapport type way he says “hey!” and just sits there staring at her. She perks up and starts talking, even though he is
creepily close all up on her… she is asking HIM questions, SHE is doing ALL THE TALKING and he is getting closer and closer and closer.
Her friends see it and think “who is this creepy man!!!??” but they dont stop it because she is LOVING IT.

He has barely said a word.

Anyway his mate distracts him so off he goes for a bit, looking instantly like he forgets about the girl.

Then 2mins later she is talking to her friends and he SWOOPS AGAIN. Cutting right into the group like they arent even there and just again “Hey…”
She laughs and laughs. The dude is FULLY LEAD BY HIS DICK and OBLIVIOUS TO ANYTHING ELSE. But they are loving it.

This continues, his mates pull him away… then boom he comes out of nowhere and swoops again.
The girls pretend like they want to get away from him but he is completely oblivious… just keeps going and going after her. Not even saying much.

Here is his power:

- He makes absolutley no excuses for wanting to get her
- He is FULLY PRESENT and only cares about his dick getting sucked
- (this is big) He is completely comfortable letting the VIBE get fully WEIRD… like everyone KNOWS that all he wants is to get laid
but because he is so oblivious he turns them into SPECTATORS. Like if you were to ask him he would say “Yeah, so what!? im getting her”.

The absolute best naturals I have seen all have this ‘ODD’ quality. They dont talk much. They dont do much. They do the minimal that is required… but they
GO AFTER IT HARD. Not FAST. HARD and PERSISTENT. Completely oblivious to anything other than their goal (including looking weird or crazy or creepy) and
they fact they do look crazy or weird and they are completely blind to it MAKES them fully attractive.

On a deeper level it shows the girl that this man goes for what he wants to the exclusion of everything else. This is VERY attractive.

A WICKED example of ODD is Robbie Williams (video courtesy of Tylers blog).

Robbie is full ODD here.

The BEST guys I have seen are just full ‘eyes on the prize’ and oblivious to anything else. Massively attractive.

Something to think about and try next time your out:

- Just allow yourself to ZONE OUT of everything except the girl you see.

- Let your core manly sexual intent build up… check her out

- ONLY THINK SEXUAL. SEXUAL SEXUAL SEXUAL. Literally feel yourself and her back on your bed.

- Roll up and look right in her eye and say “Hey!” in a full glorious tone.

- Smooth, slow and deliberate movements and bodylanguage

- Your vibe should indicate that she is in immediate danger of being shagged out the back behind a dumpster

GOAL: See how LITTLE talking and movement you can get away with. You know the vibe is perfect when she starts asking you questions and talking more than you are. Your basically a horny shark ready to CHOMP. CHOMP DELUXE!

This is pretty fun guys but can be difficult to pull off. You must be in a fully NON THINKING STATE. The key is not to THINK about it while you are doing it. Think sex, think sex, think sex.



CHERISHING in the night

cherish in the night

                                                                                 Worth the cherish? I think so…

Hello there, how are you today? I am fine.

I have my boy Ryan here staying with me in LA for a week of scalliwagging.

Its great to be back here in Los Angeles hitting it up… we were talking about our travels and happenings from the field
which I wanted to share. Also throwing in some random shots of the travels.

Ryan and I ran our first bootcamp together in Vancouver, Canada which is a really cool city. It was my birthday that night and they had
a freak snowstorm.

We are doing our thing with our glorious clients and I see some stuff that is FULLY interesting: CHERISHING IN THE NIGHT


BACKGROUND: We have a new name for girlfriends now, they are called “Cherishes“. I have a cherish in Australia, Tyler has his cherish and so does Jeffy.

Now cherishing is all well and good. I enjoy it a lot. But cherishing AS SOON AS YOU MEET THE GIRL IS BAD NEWS.

RULE: Do not think/talk/ponder/worry or do anything regarding a girl unless you have first established the masculine role.
In pretty much all cases this means before you can cherish or go into a cherish frame you must have had sex first.

Have you ever picked up a girl, got her number or whatever and then thought about her constantly? or not even constantly.
Maybe you played movies in your mind of you two in different situations, going on dates, her meeting your mother, etc.

Then when you go to call her up its all WEIRD. You fumble around the phone, stutter when you talk - HORRIBLE.

Your mind places the girl in a girlfriend frame

And so this is what I call ‘CHERISHING IN THE NIGHT’.

full cherish

Now I cover this fully in the ‘Flawless Natural Superconference’ however I wanted to illustrate with this recent example:

So back to Ryan and I out on bootcamp…

Im right up in a girls face kissing her while winging a client when out of the corner of my eye I notice Ryan walking around with another
cute girl hand in hand. I remember thinking to myself “awww that looks cute”.
Anyway the night progresses and again I see Ryan and this girl - they look cuter than ever. In fact they kinda look ‘in love’.
They are making out and gazing into each others eyes and all that.


She looks fully melting in his arms and so happy - like they have been together forever. Awwwwwww.

SO anyway im doing my thing demolishing this place… im walking up to random girls with my new opener “Im sad I need a kiss” and making out with them
then going to the next girls and doing the same.

(PS this new opener is killer: “Im sad. I need a kiss” then you get them to kiss each cheek. Then lips. They will fight the lips and you simply say
“But im sad!” and boom go right in for it. Your clearly not sad and just being a crazy guy. Beautiful.)

So at some point Ryan intros me to the girl and she stands beside me, he goes off to help out a client and she is left there with me.

Im talking for a bit then notice another cutey walking past… BOOOOOOOM I grab her, sad need a kiss, makeout then throw her back into the crowd all happy.

RIGHT AFTER THIS Ryans girl grabs my arm and looks me right in the eye and says “Whoa, you’re agressive, I like agressive”. Oh shit now she is all over my arm.

POOOOOOF I eject on her and go back to clients waiting till the end of the night to tell Ryan what happened.

Turns out that later she gives Ryan the excuse of “But you are leaving tomorrow, I cant go home with you, we will never work out!”.



Because he put her into a cherish (girlfriend) frame she is fully playing that frame and so cannot sleep with him. Now if I had a shot, who knows?

Different frame = Different Results.

See with me im just coming across as a fun, dominant man who is following his core sexual intent. I have no outcome with the girl other than fun THAT night.
They feel that way and act accordingly.

I remember how this used to destroy me back in the early days when I would tell the girl “wow I really like you a lot” within 5 minutes of meeting her.
This meant she had expectations to live up to and so it would rarely work.

No expectations on the girl = full trust from the girl.

Since then there has been no Cherishing in the Night from mr. Ryan deluxe and there should be none for you too.

The LORD of the club does not cherish. No no no.


As a general rule its not until after the first sex can you start to go the cherish route.
Why though? the girl needs to know you are truley a champ and can get girls - not some chode trying to find his cherish lover in the nightclub.

 So ultimately its up to you guys on how you want to be percieved but here are some simple guidelines:

 DO’s and DO NOT’s

DO kiss her for fun in the club

DO NOT make out tenderly for four hours

DO show her that you are fully interested in her NOW

DO NOT start talking about future plans and dates and how much of a match you are

DO lead her around dominant style

DO NOT prance around the club like you have finally found that special girl…

You get the drift…

What are your guys thoughts and experiences with this ?

Travels from Japan coming next, ‘wooo’ you soon…
loving the comments


Creativity. The ONLY thing that matters.

Im about to get a bit personal on you :)

A lot of the stuff I teach is a pure reflection of what goes on in my own world.

Here is the general philosophy…

The Flawless Natural: Focusing on positive aspects of moving towards a greater vision. A vision of YOU as a smooth, naturally attractive man. Rather than focusing on negative points that externally confirm the existence of YOU SUCKING.

Its all based on the general premise that ‘What you think about in life - YOU GET’.

What I am trying to communicate through his blog or through a Flawless Natural Bootcamp or the upcoming conference is point out that you actually are a CHAMP!

Empowering the INNER MAN of GLORY and eliminating the INNER BITCH of DOOM.

There is no point focusing on EXTERNAL things that point towards you sucking. Because you will find a million of them.

- Maybe you approached a girl last week and she didnt want to talk to you… waa waaa little baby YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe one of your little toes is bigger than your big toe… oh no! girls might not like that YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have never kissed a hot girl… OMG! YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have a shitty apartment or live with your parents… DAMN girls dont like that YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have never done an approach… wow YOU MUST SUCK HUH.

The list goes on forever. Heres my point: THIS THINKING IS POINTLESS AND RETARTED AND WILL KILL YOU.

The key is to focus on INTERNAL things that point toward you being DELUXE. After all, YOU are the only constant in this game that you can actually manage or enhance. The rest (girls/environment/external) are all VARIABLES that you cannot control.

I have always said that the one difference between the guys that are good and they guys that are SUPERFLY DELUXE is one thing: CREATIVITY.

When you walk into a club and there are 1000 chodes and 3 girls… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When your night is SUCKING and you are totally in your head… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When you have the girl but her friends are pulling her away… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When you have the same EQUAL VERBAL THINGS TO SAY as the next guy (routines?)… what will separate you? yep. CREATIVITY.
So then… how is creativity built or, better yet, CULTIVATED?

Firstly its hard to DEFINE creativity or how to generate it. Its something that happens SPONTANEOUSLY and this can be very elusive.

Lets look at “the game of pickup”, for example.
Ever since the first how to date girls books came out we men have been trying to STRUCTURE a way to get them consistently.
Which is cool and fair enough but also leads to its own sets of problems.

You see when you DEFINE something and try and put a box or structure around it, you are forcing yourself to follow a RIGID set of rules.

Therefore your thought patterns follow very stright lined, outcome oriented thinking. It looks like this:

Example of this thinking in its application (i.e what your mind says):

GOAL: Makeout and get with the girl.

Process: Approach and Open with Opener. Then Attract with attract stuff. Then Close using Close stuff.

Outcome: Kissing the girl.

What normally ends up happening is this. You see the girl then your head goes ok now what opener should I use, then what? hmm maybe a story… then ill do my famous swirly whirly routine and then ill close with the superman makeout tactic! (i made these names up btw there is no such thing… you nerd you)

The point is YOUR MIND TRIPS OVER ITSELF. You get INSIDE YOUR HEAD and outcome oriented. Then by the time you approach, the girl can smell that your not being genuine and probably actually being flat out creepy or weird (especially if your running background processes like monitoring your own body language and other useless things).

Ok - Here is what flawless natural thinking looks like:

It is completely free flowing in the moment. It deals with lifes situations and events as SOON AS THEY ARISE, with flexability and ease because there is no thinking about them in the future. See the post below “Spontaneous lovestruck”.

Here is what the mind does in relation to pickup (the opposite of outcome oriented):

P.s you get to read an exact snapshot of my inner dialogue here:

Wow im in a club… woooo!… high five my friend…. lets chat to my friend… i like my friend… ohhh awesome look at that chair ahhahha what a silly looking chair… sorry now back to my friend…. cool… ohhh this is fun… wow my shoes are brown that is funny…. “hmmm i was wondering about sea creatures the other day - there is some WEIRD SHIT going on in the sea”… i like lizards too… oh wait ! damn LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE IS FUCKING HOT…. YESSSSSS…. GO FOLLOW THE GIRL… MUST TALK TO HER…. YUM… “Hey i just had to come meet you i’m Tim!”… “you like sea creatures dont you hahahahah”…. “come here love… kiss me”…..”hahahahah”… this is weird she wont kiss me yet ahhhh well soon enough… “so back to you and me…what was your name again?”

My head is like a MAGIC EIGHT BALL. I shake it and whatever floats to the surface I do. I trust that somewhere in the void of my mind something cool will float to the surface.
Something cool to say, or do, or whatever in that exact event or situation.

If something cool/positive/fun doesnt float to the surface - i shake it again :)

More on cultivating a life of spontenaity later. Thanks for stopping by!

Thoughts? Comments? Love hearing from you.


“Spontaneous Lovestriking” (implementing the natural)

thank god for sweden

Ahh hem…Im super excited to get talking about this - did i mention that i like Sweden…. anyway

In the previous post I stated that in “SEEKING to become a natural with women, you are actaully DENYING in your own mind that you are a natural ALREADY”.

If you have seen my Transformations piece released by RSD, this is the same as accepting that your GAME IS A 10.

And yes I KNOW this is a hard statement to grasp and actually apply. VERY hard in fact because it seems so SIMPLE.
You see on the surface it gives you that feeling of massive epiphany…

“wow YES its all inside me ALREADY! I can feel it!” but then you might see a girl and your brain goes “whoooa hold on mr pick up artist YOU ACTUALLY SUCK.” and boom game over.

So here is the way I personally implement this so it works and becomes engrained.

Number 1: I wish to have massive fun for MYSELF as much as possible. Whether that means joking around with my friends OR just smiling to myself and enjoying the environment im in, to creating FUN from NOTHING like naming things the VENUE OF DOOM or the TABLE OF DESIRE, etc… stuff that makes me chuckle inside.

This means forgetting about everything (including the women if I am in a club) except for stuff that amuses me. You should feel a glowing little smile inside yourself. Maybe even a cheeky smile. When you get good at it, you can generate the cheeky happy smile inside in under a second NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. Try it.

This is a crucial first step which we go into depth on the Flawless Natural bootcamp but you get the idea.


There is a CATALYST from this fun that your having inside yourself to the then meeting women. Because you are now your OWN party (on the inside anyway) you now need a way
to attract a women into your fun little micro world you have going on.

Now what normally happens when you see the Swedish love princess above out at a club?

Your being the party… but you also FREEZE UP when you see her. Your brain SHUTS YOU DOWN because of her beauty or whatever.

But what if we stopped this automatic freezeup program the brain does and replaced it entirely ? Using its freezing mechanism against itself ?

I call this catalyst the SPONTANEOUS LOVESTRUCK and it further enhances your self amusing ability.

Here are the specific steps:

1. (refer to above point, get that cheeky smile on the inside)
2. Spot a hottie, walking by or standing somewhere, or in a group or wherever
3. Allow yourself to be “Lovestruck” STOP. PAUSE AND DRINK HER IN FOR A SECOND. DONT FIGHT IT… inside you should be saying things like
“Damnnnn she is HOT”, “WOW look at that ass”, “Whoa YUM”, “MMM MMM MMMMMMMM YESSSSSS”

(should look a bit like this)

4. Harness the lovestruck energy inside BE POSSESED BY IT for a split second - feel it burning you up as a man… imagine her NAKED in YOUR BED
5. Listen to your inner MAN… like “Ohhhh I GOTTA get that”
6. JUST GO without anything else on your mind. LITERALLY. NO THINKING of ANY SORT - even what you are going to say. Its actually BEST if you DONT KNOW what you are going to say to her.
7. You must trust in that energy 100%

Ok seven steps but really it all happens in ONE SECOND.

<<Short version>>

You are feeling awesome because of the little smile inside > You see a hottie and feel even more awesome > You go up as fast as you can to get her NOTHING will stop you on your quest for glory !

Then what ?

“Hey my name is Tim, I just HAD to come and meet you”

All that BEAMING energy and CORE SEXUAL INTENT inside will be translated through your TONALITY and BODYLANGUAGE and she will open right up. It will feel spontaneous to YOU and HER and this is important - it will feel totally in the moment.

You cannot have one without the other.


Have you ever felt weird opening over your shoulder or indirectly or with some scripted line? Yep… cos it kills your core spontenaity and sexual intent.

What about when you have been talking to a girl forever all indirect and then at some point realise you have to turn sexual… bzzzzt. Nope.
She would have appreciated you as a MAN a lot more if you had of been straight up sexual from the start.
When did men become such pussies that they could not approach straight up sexual in a playful way that is not creepy or weird but just IS ?

You see… if I make a list of body language traits that you should avoid while talking to a girl like DO NOT lean IN, DO NOT approach directly, DO NOT wave your arms around, DO NOT talk queitly…. arrrghhhh the list goes on.

This sort of self-monitoring list KILLS beaming energy and core sexual intent.

Have you ever been talking to a girl thinking “I hope my body language is good… now what do I say next…”?
Then you will notice that that kills your interaction. She doesnt feel core manly passion coming from you therefore no reciprocating female passion will come your way!

It has to be totally in the moment.

The key with it is you are not “Gaming” or “Running a Set” or “in Pickup mode” or whatever. You are 100% enjoying the interaction with the girl nothing more nothing less. When it all comes down to it - you need to remember that you want to be bedding these girls and enjoying the whole interaction.

Then the third step is creating the BUBBLE OF LOVE around you and the girl so that nothing can get in the way of you two hooking up… but ill leave that for another day :)

Happy lovestriking :)


ok you silly man… its time to be a natural with women (grooooovy baby)

Awww im sorry i have neglected you for a week.
i’ve been very distressed too, and missing you… juggling being in field and running awesome programs every weekend here in LA is very intense - I THRIVE on it!

Lucky for you though I come bearing massive gifts.

Those of you who have been on the past weekend progams are seeing what the go is now. I am doing the official “FLAWLESS NATURAL” programs.

That means you leave the weekend with an amazing (uncanny) ability to walk into ANY venue, coffee shop, club or FAMILY BARBECUE and see a girl you are massively attracted to (i mean look at that ass mmmmm) and have a VERY VERY good chance of bedding her that day/night.

Pretty damn cool.

You see, when I first started out I had a vision.

I saw myself the WAY I WANTED TO BE (smooth and natural) as opposed TO WHAT I WAS (chode) at that time.

Can you do this?

Can you see yourself gliding into a club SMOOTH, in a perfect FLOW state where inside every fibre of your being you feel a happy GLOW?
In this state nothing matters… all that matters is YOU. You are the centre of the universe.
You may even take a deep breath in and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Look around and enjoy.

Now talk to a girl - everything that comes out of your mouth is GOLD you dont even know where it comes from but its LIQUID SILK.
Just ENJOYING this girls presence excites you even more!

This makes you even more smooth! A bubble forms around you and the girl she is totally sucked into your world and in some sort of love-trance…
Its crazy fun and feels blissful to you AND her at the same time.

OK come back to me now. So you could picture that right ? in your minds eye ? GREAT.

Now picture yourself being a total chode.
Like rolling into the club and just choding around like a weirdo and going home all sad.

Can you picture that now ? Yep im sure you can.

Here is my point.

EVERY SINGLE GUY ON THIS PLANET knows what smoothness/naturalness looks like (to them).
Conversely, every single guy knows what total chodeness looks like.

Now here is the deal… somewhere along the line of social conditioning, maybe high school or even earlier - we subconsciously choose to be one or the other.
We chose based on EXTERNAL sources. Maybe we got picked on. Maybe we didnt look as cool as those people on TV - whatever it was we made a choice.

Here is the really rad part: you can now choose consciously which one you would like to be.

Who gives you permission to be a cool naturally attractive man ?

DO not dress like this

(side note: do not dress like this, please)

YOU and YOU only.

Now I wanted to end this thought pattern on something profound. So here goes.

WARNING: This single sentence has rewired so many guys that it would almost be criminal for me to divulge it here.

Its almost TOO simple and TOO succinct. However it PERMEATES everything I do here at RSD and for my champs every weekend.

If you truely “get” this statement you will really be amazed in what happens in your life, especially with women.





To SEEK to become a “Natural” with women is to DENY that oneself is already… a NATURAL.

read it again.

and again.

let it sink in.

think about it.

more on this and specific ways to implement in field coming this week. get excited.