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Free Download: Flawless Natural Teleseminar


Hello there!

 I have been so excited about unleashing the ‘Flawless Natural’ method on the world that we have decided to offer the recent teleconference for FREE play and download…


Also, don’t forget to hit up to see the absolute glory on offer. Summer love time!


 PS. Keep checking in for blog updates. Im on here at LEAST three times a week or more! full flawless natural material - direct from the field.

Tims on facebook! and free teleseminar

Hey there,

Will you be my friend?

For those of you on facebook: 

I have just signed up for an account so hit me up. I love the social networking stuff, cute girls on there too!

Click this link for my profile

Also I am so excited about the buzz surrounding the flawless natural method, so yours truly will be hosting a FREE teleseminar where you can call in and listen to me answer questions LIVE.

This will happen tomorrow Friday May 16 at 3PM EST.

(That’s 12PM PST and 8PM in the UK).

This is going to be one hour of me doing Q&A on the latest topics on dating specifically featuring the flawless natural method.
There are still some slots available…
To get registered click over right now to:

seeya on the phone tomorrow 


Q&A part 2/2


Part II deluxe (longer) - post some comments up let me know what you guys think


Q&A after the fightclub speech (Part 1/2)


So check it out… my first speech back from last year off DJing. We were lucky enough to catch the relaxed Q&A afterward… enjoy!