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New videoblog launched today!

Hello you!

Today is a really special day for us.

I’ve really been enjoying the activity here on the blog. The stuff im continually trying to put out is like ‘pickup brain food’.

How good is it when you read stuff and it immediately gets you to take action and get pure results? Well here is some more powerful pickup brain food:

Flawless Natural Video Blog

Between my articles and updates here and the video over there - WOW.

Totally psyched.


PS. Please let me know what you think of my new site at

the cyclone takes over the world

Zig over at RSDnation has been swirling it up with the cyclone…

Check it out!

 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !


Q&A part 2/2


Part II deluxe (longer) - post some comments up let me know what you guys think


Q&A after the fightclub speech (Part 1/2)


So check it out… my first speech back from last year off DJing. We were lucky enough to catch the relaxed Q&A afterward… enjoy!


videoblog lifestyle 1

 Real Nature Dynamics phase2.

So Tyler really has this nature thing locked down - the dude has all these little hikes and stuff going on all over the island. Its amazing.

Some people watch TV for fun - others get into the outdoorsy stuff. I must say that the outdoors is far superior. And I know I know of course the idea of getting out and doing fun stuff sounds better than TV but its tough to get off your ass and actually find something like that to do in your city - then actually go through with it.

Plus its super good to take a girl on this stuff and also showcases an interesting personality. Say you have all these underground outdoor hikes or cool little things such as an inner city tea place that nobody knows about… GOLD!

Find your little thing… That excites you… That is relatively unknown… And gets you out for fun happy time