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Kicking the shoes off. (Minimal game explained)

Hello there.

I want you to remember the most recent time you went to a persons house or apartment for the very first time. Maybe you didnt even know that person very well…

Most of the time it goes like this:

You step inside after a brief lecture of how sorry they are that their house is a mess (even though most of the time its in totally pristine shape).

Following that is the tour of everything; “Here is the bed, here is the kitchen, oh let me show you where the toilet is… would you like to sit here? or here?”. Along the way, of course, there is running commentary on EVERY item in the place. It gives that weird vibe in the air where the host is trying to show you their most prized space and worrying what the guest thinks, while the guest is actually trying not to trip over anything or say the wrong thing about the wierd painting on the wall.

Its uncomfortable for both guest AND host.

My question is why is it so uncomfortable?

Let me tell you a story about my buddy ‘Natural Sean’. This guy ALWAYS has the hottest girlfriends. A true flawless natural. He is a magnet and I couldnt understand his magnetic magical power until recently.

Anyway Sean invited me over to his place for a quiet few drinks with some friends. He aswered the door with a big hello, telling me to kick my shoes off anywhere I like. I put them neatly at the front door as he grabs his arm around my neck and drags me inside. Sean has scruffy hair and has such a laid back, cruisey energy that you can’t help but feel relaxed around him.

He leads me straight through the house, no commentary, no tour, just out the back to where we end up sitting. Without saying a word he jumps up and fixes us a drink… chatting about nothing in particular as he goes. Awesome. I immediately feel comfortable and decide that THIS is the way to bring girls to your house.

It wasnt a special house, it was actually kinda messy. Although it had one thing: A special VIBE. That vibe was total comfort. He wasnt trying to make his place seem great - it was great because we were there. That is all.

He had that vibe in everything he did. His car was RUBBISH but for some reason it seemed cool because it was his and HE thought it was cool. He made no attempt to say it was the best, or the worst. It was what it was, and he was happy with that.

When you were around this guy it seemed like nothing else was needed in the world. He wasnt talking about how busy he was in the future or about past things. Sean lives for the very second he is in, he ENJOYS every second. Minimal game at its finest.

Amazed at this I started adopting the ‘kick the shoes off’ minimal game practice throughout EVERYTHING I did when dating girls.

When I approached a girl in a bar or club, I would talk to her like it was my house and I wasnt TRYING to get her to like it. I just AM. And happy to be that too, thankyou.

When I called a girl in the phone, I simply said what was needed in that moment. “Hey there, what are you up to?… Oh cool… Yeah, come hang out”. Strictly no swirly lines or stories or anything - just cruisey, laid back, GIVING VIBE the whole way.

When I bought a girl to my house, I just threw my shoes off and made no attempt to clean up or explain the dirty socks on the floor. I would sit myself down with no fuss, she followed and sat too. I was comfortable therefore SHE was comfortable.

The result: my happiness and game skyrocketed.

The lesson: DONT TRY SO MUCH! Be happy with what is happening. Enjoy.

As soon as there is that TRYING vibe coming off you (like your trying to get pickup lines, or routines, or a pickup concept to work) - then the girl will feel exactly like the uncomfortable house guest, and you will feel like the uncomfortable host.

What are some of the ways that YOU can start ENJOYING? Comments please.

kick those shoes off!


updates on the adventure

Hey there,

I have recently added the Twitter application to my facebook and blog and wanted to see what you think.

The technology looks really cool and means I can stay connected to you through another channel.

For those of you who dont know, twitter lets you know exactly what i’m doing at any point in time. You can subscribe to my ‘tweets’ and see where Tim is at… you can also recieve my whereabouts and ramblings direct to your mobile as I post them for free.

Check it out here and let me know if you like it. I think its fun.


PS. After this weekends stellar bootcamp I have some really cool posts coming this week… very exciting indeed.

Why Japan is awesome


Here is my recent little trip to Japan which I wanted to share with you all, and how it helped my game…

Nothing says ‘welcome to Japan’ more than a little furry cartoon character.


The top one is my hotel (aparantley) and the bottom, my train ticket (aparantley).
After hunting around Narita station I get on something which I *think* will get me to Tokyo.

I actually was completely indifferent to being lost. If I was lost it would be an adventure.

Here is some food I got offered on the train. I had no idea so just grabbed the triange looking thing.
I chuckled to myself as I ate the delicious triangle - I was in a whole other world. I felt like an excited little kid.

I get to my hotel room and prepare for my flawless natural free speech then get some sleep.

When I wake I decide to go and explore. I walk and walk and walk taking snaps along the way.

I seriously felt like i was in a video game or an anime movie. EVERYTHING was exciting to me.


This is even a sign that shows you how to buy a parking ticket. Lovely.


After walking around many alleys and up side streets (I get as lost as I can) I find this cool little food place.

I choose it because of the little pig on the sign.


Was a glorious meal. I had to remove my shoes and sit on the floor. Nobody knew what the hell I was saying so they
just served me up a random feast! Awesome!


After more wanderings and cool things…


I go and deliver a speech for the tokyo champs! Flawless Natural All the way!

Japan is the bomb, here is what I got out of it:

As soon as I landed I felt as if I was in a Japanese Anime cartoon, which I used to love when I was growing up.
(For a great one check out Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, a breathtaking film).

All the Japanese people looked so HAPPY and CONTENT. Like FULL ZEN CALM DELUXE. I couldnt help but feel an inner peace myself.
They were also the most polite and friendly people (other than aussies) I have come across.

Every street is immaculatley clean. For a city with 20 million people or so, this is so cool. They are definitely doing some great things.

They obviously value nature a lot. Even though its the most overpopulated urban sprawl, there was green plant lushness and gardens everywhere.

The coolest thing to me clicked when I was on the airport shuttle bus on the way to the airport. The bus driver was SO DAMN SERIOUS and proud
of his job and his bus. Everything was immaculate and clean. He bowed to everyone and was extremely polite. As he was driving you could see it
in his eyes, this was a proud, content happy man.

He derives his internal sense of state and value from how well he is doing his job. No matter what job or what he is doing, as long as he is
doing it to the best of his ability - he is proud, happy and content inside.

Im sure this is a cultural thing. Its so good and something we westerners could really learn from.

You see we value the external through bullshit standards set by television and media. The Japanese (from what I could see) value how well they do
whatever it is they do - and EVERY job/task is important and valued, from businessman to janitor.

If anyone has more knowledge on this than my limited three days there please enlighten!

The message I got was this: Whatever you are doing - do it to the very best of your ability and treat it like a craft. That is where happiness comes from.
Not the actual tangible job or task - but the way you do that job or task.

See you again soon, Japan.


CHERISHING in the night

cherish in the night

                                                                                 Worth the cherish? I think so…

Hello there, how are you today? I am fine.

I have my boy Ryan here staying with me in LA for a week of scalliwagging.

Its great to be back here in Los Angeles hitting it up… we were talking about our travels and happenings from the field
which I wanted to share. Also throwing in some random shots of the travels.

Ryan and I ran our first bootcamp together in Vancouver, Canada which is a really cool city. It was my birthday that night and they had
a freak snowstorm.

We are doing our thing with our glorious clients and I see some stuff that is FULLY interesting: CHERISHING IN THE NIGHT


BACKGROUND: We have a new name for girlfriends now, they are called “Cherishes“. I have a cherish in Australia, Tyler has his cherish and so does Jeffy.

Now cherishing is all well and good. I enjoy it a lot. But cherishing AS SOON AS YOU MEET THE GIRL IS BAD NEWS.

RULE: Do not think/talk/ponder/worry or do anything regarding a girl unless you have first established the masculine role.
In pretty much all cases this means before you can cherish or go into a cherish frame you must have had sex first.

Have you ever picked up a girl, got her number or whatever and then thought about her constantly? or not even constantly.
Maybe you played movies in your mind of you two in different situations, going on dates, her meeting your mother, etc.

Then when you go to call her up its all WEIRD. You fumble around the phone, stutter when you talk - HORRIBLE.

Your mind places the girl in a girlfriend frame

And so this is what I call ‘CHERISHING IN THE NIGHT’.

full cherish

Now I cover this fully in the ‘Flawless Natural Superconference’ however I wanted to illustrate with this recent example:

So back to Ryan and I out on bootcamp…

Im right up in a girls face kissing her while winging a client when out of the corner of my eye I notice Ryan walking around with another
cute girl hand in hand. I remember thinking to myself “awww that looks cute”.
Anyway the night progresses and again I see Ryan and this girl - they look cuter than ever. In fact they kinda look ‘in love’.
They are making out and gazing into each others eyes and all that.


She looks fully melting in his arms and so happy - like they have been together forever. Awwwwwww.

SO anyway im doing my thing demolishing this place… im walking up to random girls with my new opener “Im sad I need a kiss” and making out with them
then going to the next girls and doing the same.

(PS this new opener is killer: “Im sad. I need a kiss” then you get them to kiss each cheek. Then lips. They will fight the lips and you simply say
“But im sad!” and boom go right in for it. Your clearly not sad and just being a crazy guy. Beautiful.)

So at some point Ryan intros me to the girl and she stands beside me, he goes off to help out a client and she is left there with me.

Im talking for a bit then notice another cutey walking past… BOOOOOOOM I grab her, sad need a kiss, makeout then throw her back into the crowd all happy.

RIGHT AFTER THIS Ryans girl grabs my arm and looks me right in the eye and says “Whoa, you’re agressive, I like agressive”. Oh shit now she is all over my arm.

POOOOOOF I eject on her and go back to clients waiting till the end of the night to tell Ryan what happened.

Turns out that later she gives Ryan the excuse of “But you are leaving tomorrow, I cant go home with you, we will never work out!”.



Because he put her into a cherish (girlfriend) frame she is fully playing that frame and so cannot sleep with him. Now if I had a shot, who knows?

Different frame = Different Results.

See with me im just coming across as a fun, dominant man who is following his core sexual intent. I have no outcome with the girl other than fun THAT night.
They feel that way and act accordingly.

I remember how this used to destroy me back in the early days when I would tell the girl “wow I really like you a lot” within 5 minutes of meeting her.
This meant she had expectations to live up to and so it would rarely work.

No expectations on the girl = full trust from the girl.

Since then there has been no Cherishing in the Night from mr. Ryan deluxe and there should be none for you too.

The LORD of the club does not cherish. No no no.


As a general rule its not until after the first sex can you start to go the cherish route.
Why though? the girl needs to know you are truley a champ and can get girls - not some chode trying to find his cherish lover in the nightclub.

 So ultimately its up to you guys on how you want to be percieved but here are some simple guidelines:

 DO’s and DO NOT’s

DO kiss her for fun in the club

DO NOT make out tenderly for four hours

DO show her that you are fully interested in her NOW

DO NOT start talking about future plans and dates and how much of a match you are

DO lead her around dominant style

DO NOT prance around the club like you have finally found that special girl…

You get the drift…

What are your guys thoughts and experiences with this ?

Travels from Japan coming next, ‘wooo’ you soon…
loving the comments


The burning question

Where has tim gone?!

and what happened to the cool shit on the blog?!

Your tim has not deserted you.

Flawless Natural Conference

Natural Tim has been behind the scenes smashing out some ultra fly new content for the new series “The Flawless Natural”.

It has been the bomb yo! The coolest and most intense last couple of months ever.

For those of you who dont know yet, I spent the last year in Australia touring as a nightclub house music DJ.
Totally away from the game, totally away from any thinking about picking up girls or theory or anything.

So after the filming of RSDs now infamous ‘Transformations’ I stepped into my other prized passion (DJing) with a world leading skillset in dating.


It was a joke.

SO MUCH FUN WITH SO MANY WOMEN. The absolute time of my life. Party time deluxe wooooooo!

However, after this no-thinking type killer natural year, I would still continue to see those guys in the club that just havent got it yet.

They haven’t learned to have fun with themselves in the club, and i’m sure it transferred to most areas of their lives.

They dont take action, or they have no idea where to start…
They are good and had been in the game for a while but had a few things that were holding them back and I saw those things instantly.

Picture this: Your behind a DJ console about to bring in a smashing new tune and right in front of you a happy, nice looking dude approaches a girl.
She acts like a total bitch and blows his ass out… You bring in the tune, its kick ass and everyone in the club is smiling and bumping -
but theres no saving the guy - his night is over. Hell his YEAR might even be over after a blowout THAT brutal.

The TIMVISION kicks in: if he had of just ignored the rubbish and went after her that little bit harder his night/life would be a whole lot different.

The TIMVISION is a curse and a gift. Its been honed from years of cultivating guys to be smooth and natural on bootcamp and really
enjoying lording up the clubs for myself.

The truth is I have seen you before. Yes YOU. I have been through your exact sticking point before OR ive helped another guy JUST LIKE YOU to burst into a world of elite smoothness. Where life becomes a massive string of ADVENTURES of GLORY!

And I had to come back not just for you but for me as well. After a year of no thinking I come bearing gifts. The blonde locks of hair as seen on transformations have grown back and we have unleashed the beast: ”Flawless Natural”!

Its all about how to cultivate a natural and smooth approach to game, while building your own ‘women generating ecosystem’ of desire.

So now im leaving the DJ fans, the gigs, the girl (for the last part of the year I ended up with an awesome girlfriend) and we going on a quest together.

For some of you it will be an online quest built in real life just from reading this blog and my other materials, for others who get to see the conference in real life you are in for an amazing experience and of course there are my champs who take bootcamp.

So I guess the reason for me posting this was to assert that im here to stay… I appreciate the flood of emails and support AND hounding to continue the quest with you.

I want to ask YOU something. You personally.

Are you ready to take the quest ?

The quest of the FLAWLESS NATURAL… we play for REAL here guys. There is no room for nothing other than SMOOTH and ELITE mastery over the dating scene…

Are you ready for an adventurous ride through an amazing world of craziness with the newest, hottest dating technologies?

Are you ready to date the women that make you just GLOW INSIDE, those HOT, STUNNING, DAZZLING girls of desire?


Are you ready for the quest ?

Come along with me champs.

This week ill be posting a bucketload of new content including a cool little thing called “wooo”.


ALSO TOMORROW: Photos and writings of the recent travels.

Keep up the comments and let me know who is in !



the cyclone takes over the world

Zig over at RSDnation has been swirling it up with the cyclone…

Check it out!

 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !


How to open with devastating success (and not say a word!)

BEWARE: Here is an instant self-amusing opener that will be so devastatingly effective that it will dazzle you more than the girls in the below clip:

This is no joke guys.

Be afraid. Really afraid.
After initial implementation around Hollywood by Tyler and myself, plus used by my very own bootcamp guys this week…
it is field-certified and bought to you by of course,

THE CYCLONE… (of glory).


The steps:

1. Be it club, bar, street, workplace - line up the girl(s) you wish to wreak your glorious havoc upon and start moving toward.

2. As you are strolling up, feel an energy come swirling up from some mystical source below your feet

3. To use this energy clasp hands above head and continue to walk a bit faster (gathering as much attention from onlookers as you can)

4. While gathering speed you realise deep down that you look silly. And that is alone very powerful. Because you will notice that its FUNNY and you INSTANTLY
stop caring about what people think of you

5. Now the cyclone is building and building while that little voice in your head is actually LAUGHING hehehe. You reach the girl(s) at your top speed AND…

6. UH OH here it ISSSSSSSSSS (start spinning with hands still in the air and grin on your face)

7. Spin around 360 at least 4 times (if you can do this on the ball of one foot that is awesome technique) ——- ITS THE CYYYYCLOOOOONNNE BABAAAAY!

8. Stop the cyclone and look at the girl(s) with that funny little grin (hopefully your not too dizzy eh?)
You will notice…

a) Burst out laughing
b) they will start a cyclone type dance
c) they will stop, mouths open, and wait for what you will do next (”Hi, Im tim haaha” is fine)

They CANNOT PROCESS WTF JUST HAPPENED. A cyclone just hit her!

Its literally like pressing a reset button on a computer. They stop. Completely mesmerised and in your power… why ?
Because its so utterly ridiculous that it turns everyone around you into a SPECTATOR. They are watching what you will do next and that is powerful and YOU are the PLAYER…

This is SOOOOO fun its a joke. It creates the EXACT RIGHT MINDSET for you to be in when you are picking up. You are completely self amused… after the Cyclone of Glory
everything starts to flow…

If you are too uptight to try this you suck. Just do it.

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: Now the problem with the cyclone, “i like salad”, the claw and other silly retarted openers is that it can only be used a couple of times. Why ? because after a few nights of success with it, it then becomes your THING. Like your mind will make the cyclone part of your normal reality - and therefore destroy its power.
It works because it throws you outside your normal world instantly and therefore puts you in a self amusement frame. So having said this… DO NOT MAKE THIS YOUR WHOLE GAME
OR OPENER… it is simply a cool thing to get you self amused and in the right headspace. Got it ?


(Gosh im going to be out this week and see 100 people cycloning around me huh. Awesome!)

Im going down toooo…. LA LA LAND


 After a fightclub style meetup with my posse in Hawaii (much love)… we head to Hollywood where I am about 20 mins away from bootcamp day2.

Thought I would pop in for a quick update.

This Natural stuff is absolute FIRE. The guys on bootcamp with me are feeling it too. Its more potent than I ever dreamed.

Here is a snip:

A big part of the natural is he is always in a constant state of self amusement. You hear me calling things GLORY, DELUXE, DESTINY - its all to make stuff more amusing in my life. Try it - you could have a job… or you could have a job of DESTINY (wooooo!).

It comes out i the way I talk to girls too. GET YOUR OWN LINGO.

When out at the club the ONLY question you should be asking yourself is “Am I being amused?” “Am I amusing myself?” - maybe go talk to those girls JUST to amuse yourself, jump around and yell a bit JUST to amuse yourself.

… my ride is here so I have to go talk to you soon!


videoblog lifestyle 1

 Real Nature Dynamics phase2.

So Tyler really has this nature thing locked down - the dude has all these little hikes and stuff going on all over the island. Its amazing.

Some people watch TV for fun - others get into the outdoorsy stuff. I must say that the outdoors is far superior. And I know I know of course the idea of getting out and doing fun stuff sounds better than TV but its tough to get off your ass and actually find something like that to do in your city - then actually go through with it.

Plus its super good to take a girl on this stuff and also showcases an interesting personality. Say you have all these underground outdoor hikes or cool little things such as an inner city tea place that nobody knows about… GOLD!

Find your little thing… That excites you… That is relatively unknown… And gets you out for fun happy time



natural caveman deluxe

What’s up guys

Just got into Hawaii where the natural deconstruction has begun - caveman style!

 raquel welch: true cavewoman

I spent the last year touring as a house DJ in Australia which was such a kick ass time. More importantly though I have now come back over the mountain with a host of backstage-style insights and fun for you. True deluxe style.

Anyway now Tyler and I are piecing things together for the upcoming Natural Workshop Weekend…  and yes we have done the mountain hikes of destiny. Im sure you are all thinking we are into REAL NATURE DYNAMICS or something from the amount of outdoors stuff we are doing. We actually got stuck halfway up the mountain in the dark so we had to navigate down this thing in pitch black. What’s interesting is you have to stay so focused on every step in front of you otherwise you could slip and snap your ankle or something. The sheer concentration and effort it took was totally a fun time.

 real nature dynamics in effect

Reminded me a lot of approaching girls and the whole reason why I am back here doing this when I could just be soaking up the glory as a DJ which is a strong main passion of mine.

Like any activity that forces your brain into concentrating on what’s right in front of you - hiking a mountain, playing any sport, or simply going for a jog gives the same exhilaration as the total in the moment feeling as approaching girls… here is the thing:

It should be JUST AS ENJOYABLE as the hike, the jog, the sport.

That is what I would like this blog to be for you:  to pull you back into perspective through fun insights and wisdom straight from the field… natural style.