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Quick perspective for the day

A croation friend of mine sent me this video.
You see - the big motivator for me in getting into this in the first place was of course, the girls in the above video ha.

For you, asking the right questions of yourself when you see these types of women in the club or anwhere is SO important.

For example… when you see these high calibre girls is your brain asking you:

- Am I good enough for her ?
- Do you think she goes for guys like me ?
- How can I get her with me ?
- How can I trick her into being with me ?
- Is my game good enough ?


The only question you should be asking yourself is this:


when you see a stunner or a girl you are attracted to you…


It engages the right part of your brain - the creative, natural spontaneous part. You should train yourself to instantly ask yourself this question whenever you see a cute girl. It will put your best foot forward from the start.

A buddy of mine used this the other night on a flight. He saw a cute girl sitting across from him on the flight. Instead of wondering what the hell to do - he told me he thought ‘How can I make this fun?’ after hearing me say this to him earlier.

So he wrapped up a cheeky note around a pen and passed it to her, to which she cracked up laughing. They exchanged flirty notes back and forth and exchanged numbers after the flight…. BOOM.

Try it today: HOW CAN I MAKE THIS FUN ? (you should feel a quiet little hint of power inside when you ask yourself).



there really is no tomorrow


 I am writing this in Apen, Colorado right now - off to enjoy the slopes shortly wooo! but first I have a thought for the DAY!


tomorrow… next time… later.

in other words… NEVER!

This is something that I really wanted to share with you from my own personal experience.

The other night I went out with the crew. It was very a quiet night a bunch of dudes at the bar and an empty dancefloor.
Only girls in the place I passed as I walked inside they were having a cigarette (yuck!).

Literally ONE STEP in the door I assess the situation…

I can either

A) GO inside, scope for more girls if there are any, if not chat to my buddies about how chode the venue is until we slide off back home.

B) Just GO.

 the time is now champ

BOOM i turn and hit up the girls outside… “wow the club is WACK tonight!” they giggle and start asking questions about me.

ME: “Stop all the questionss dammm we are in a club lets make the most of it!”

They pull me to the empty dancefloor and all three start grinding me like a music video… lovely.

Now the cutest one is going for it, we are chatting and she is totally comfortable with me grabbing her and putting my arm around her.

I guess my overarching natural frame these days is this (in order):

- I am amusing myself (in a fun chill totally comfortable and relaxed way)
- If there are girls in my reach ill grab them (for my amusement)
- Then I see if ***I*** want to pursue them further
- If yes then I let a girl know CLEARLY its GOING DOWN with us TONIGHT (all in the amusing cool atmosphere)
- Ramp it up sexually
- Leave to home

(keep in mind there is a LOT going on under each of these points)

No tricks, no rubbish, just pure fun in my world - and oh girls can join in too! :)

Anyway so my firends are leaving and I have the girl LOCKED DOWN TO GO. If I just grab her and walk out its over fun times for both of us.

My friend comes up “We gotta go”. SO instead i get her number and leave. She looks sad and confused. In my mind ill just call her and get her
later or get a new girl tomorrow or something.

Ummmmm WHAT?! bzzzzzt WRONG TIM.
You have been in this situation 100 times.

This was a challenge I had quite a while ago - the girls are DOWN but i put it off till later for whatever reason and then REGRET it later.

So in the car the girl is txting me flat out but cant come with me tonight now because her friends wont drive her.


DO it now!
No more of this “oh will get it later, tomorrow, next time” rubbish!
Its bad for me AND the poor girl.

Its because im coming from such an abundance mindset, I know I can get another girl later if I want. Very silly.

This is a reminder to YOU.
Why go to all that effort and fun times without finishing it off ?

Do it now !

tomorrow… next time… later - does not exist.


Q&A part 2/2


Part II deluxe (longer) - post some comments up let me know what you guys think


Q&A after the fightclub speech (Part 1/2)


So check it out… my first speech back from last year off DJing. We were lucky enough to catch the relaxed Q&A afterward… enjoy!


The YOU designer

 design your dream girl

 design your dream girly

 Hey guys,

I was in a bookstore yesterday and started up a conversation with a cute girl who turns out to be in graphic design. We happened to be in the design section of the store… she told me she liked to buy a new book on design every week. I asked her if it was to study.

Her reply was “Haha no - maybe ill find something to make my life more ‘designer’ ” It got me thinking.

In this day and age everything is niche/designer/unique. I’m fascinated at how we can apply this to our own LIFE and make us more attractive in general.

Soooooooo…. Let’s make you DESIGNER!

So WHY you would want to be DESIGNER?


Whether you know it consciously or not - Your brain makes mental snapshots of people you meet all the time.

It’s like a mental business card rolodex, stored in your mind, that carries around all the details of the people you have ever met including your friends, family, associates and randoms. You refer to this mental card whenever talking about that person or whenever you think about anyone for whatever reason. If we were to think of that business card as an actual physical tangible card - what would your, say, best friends look like?

1. Would it be dull and boring with a simple chodey font and simple title like ‘Bob Davey - Computer Consultant’?

designer dorkus

 designer dorkus

2. Or would it be exciting with bright colours and unique design with bubble writing ‘Bobby D - Fly Computer Guy’?

 what colour are you ?

 what colour are you?

Think about the MENTAL images that are conjured up whenever you think of number 1 card versus number 2.

It’s still THE SAME GUY; however number 2 is a hell of a lot more attractive. What does other mental snapshot cards of other people you know look like? We are all individually unique in many different ways. Think about when you get to know someone over a long, frequent period of time.

You have a long time to build their mental card in your mind and you usually are more drawn to that person because you know them on a deeper level.What if you could fast track that deeper-knowing feeling in another person when meeting them in less than 5 minutes, so that their mental card of YOU is full of FUN and EXCITING characteristics that they can love and talk about with other people? That’s exactly what we want to do - especially with women.


The cool thing is - you can literally take whatever situation/job/status you are in and make it more ‘Designer’ and in turn be massively more attractive to women and all people in general.Here is a fun experiment on how you could implement this:

 switch on that creative mind of yours

Write down the attributes that you want other people to have in their mind of YOUR CARD. Stuff like exciting, adventurous, spontaneous, charismatic, fun, alluring… It is very important to realise that It doesn’t matter if you are NOT these things NOW. This is the whole point - you are now putting yourself on TURBO and brining out these things that you ARE deep down. These are the exact things that people will think of when they think of you.

Look at graphic design books such as this one (I bought this the same day as I talked to that girl)

** - More Ways of Saying Hello**

Pick the colours, fonts and designs that get YOU excited and your juices flowing… Get creative IT IS GOOD FOR YOU. When excercising the creative part of your brain you are helping to ignite the same part that comes up with random stories, etc.

Keep a few on you at all times to remind yourself WHO YOU ARE (fun, exciting, etc), and give it to girls as well as everyone you meet.

Every decision you make in your life should be 100% congruent to those attractive attributes you created on your card. This is YOU and YOUR LIFE. Get EXCITED and make it THRILLING! For example - you go to buy new clothes, get a haircut or simply find a cool club to go to. You must do the stuff congruent to your card and its attributes!


       woooo !

You are simply using these things as tools of expressing and enjoying yourself. Take my blog for example - look at the cool design and colours. Its a part of me and my card! You could get a blog and do the same!

Have fun with this process… you are designing YOU. The coolest most worthy person you could ever design. You will find that once you do this process, your identity will naturally become that of a charismatic naturally attractive man (if that’s what you design!).

The whole point is so that girls can talk about you and get excited about you because you are giving them an awesome mental snapshot of WHO YOU ARE. This is part of ‘your world as an ecosystem that generates women’ concept that is contained in the Natural Tim program.

Good luck and email any of your designs to - ill post a few of them on my blog

Oh and btw while you are in the bookstore looking at designs - talk to a girl. You may just enjoy the chat.


Im going down toooo…. LA LA LAND


 After a fightclub style meetup with my posse in Hawaii (much love)… we head to Hollywood where I am about 20 mins away from bootcamp day2.

Thought I would pop in for a quick update.

This Natural stuff is absolute FIRE. The guys on bootcamp with me are feeling it too. Its more potent than I ever dreamed.

Here is a snip:

A big part of the natural is he is always in a constant state of self amusement. You hear me calling things GLORY, DELUXE, DESTINY - its all to make stuff more amusing in my life. Try it - you could have a job… or you could have a job of DESTINY (wooooo!).

It comes out i the way I talk to girls too. GET YOUR OWN LINGO.

When out at the club the ONLY question you should be asking yourself is “Am I being amused?” “Am I amusing myself?” - maybe go talk to those girls JUST to amuse yourself, jump around and yell a bit JUST to amuse yourself.

… my ride is here so I have to go talk to you soon!


videoblog lifestyle 1

 Real Nature Dynamics phase2.

So Tyler really has this nature thing locked down - the dude has all these little hikes and stuff going on all over the island. Its amazing.

Some people watch TV for fun - others get into the outdoorsy stuff. I must say that the outdoors is far superior. And I know I know of course the idea of getting out and doing fun stuff sounds better than TV but its tough to get off your ass and actually find something like that to do in your city - then actually go through with it.

Plus its super good to take a girl on this stuff and also showcases an interesting personality. Say you have all these underground outdoor hikes or cool little things such as an inner city tea place that nobody knows about… GOLD!

Find your little thing… That excites you… That is relatively unknown… And gets you out for fun happy time



natural caveman deluxe

What’s up guys

Just got into Hawaii where the natural deconstruction has begun - caveman style!

 raquel welch: true cavewoman

I spent the last year touring as a house DJ in Australia which was such a kick ass time. More importantly though I have now come back over the mountain with a host of backstage-style insights and fun for you. True deluxe style.

Anyway now Tyler and I are piecing things together for the upcoming Natural Workshop Weekend…  and yes we have done the mountain hikes of destiny. Im sure you are all thinking we are into REAL NATURE DYNAMICS or something from the amount of outdoors stuff we are doing. We actually got stuck halfway up the mountain in the dark so we had to navigate down this thing in pitch black. What’s interesting is you have to stay so focused on every step in front of you otherwise you could slip and snap your ankle or something. The sheer concentration and effort it took was totally a fun time.

 real nature dynamics in effect

Reminded me a lot of approaching girls and the whole reason why I am back here doing this when I could just be soaking up the glory as a DJ which is a strong main passion of mine.

Like any activity that forces your brain into concentrating on what’s right in front of you - hiking a mountain, playing any sport, or simply going for a jog gives the same exhilaration as the total in the moment feeling as approaching girls… here is the thing:

It should be JUST AS ENJOYABLE as the hike, the jog, the sport.

That is what I would like this blog to be for you:  to pull you back into perspective through fun insights and wisdom straight from the field… natural style.