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“Spontaneous Lovestriking” (implementing the natural)

thank god for sweden

Ahh hem…Im super excited to get talking about this - did i mention that i like Sweden…. anyway

In the previous post I stated that in “SEEKING to become a natural with women, you are actaully DENYING in your own mind that you are a natural ALREADY”.

If you have seen my Transformations piece released by RSD, this is the same as accepting that your GAME IS A 10.

And yes I KNOW this is a hard statement to grasp and actually apply. VERY hard in fact because it seems so SIMPLE.
You see on the surface it gives you that feeling of massive epiphany…

“wow YES its all inside me ALREADY! I can feel it!” but then you might see a girl and your brain goes “whoooa hold on mr pick up artist YOU ACTUALLY SUCK.” and boom game over.

So here is the way I personally implement this so it works and becomes engrained.

Number 1: I wish to have massive fun for MYSELF as much as possible. Whether that means joking around with my friends OR just smiling to myself and enjoying the environment im in, to creating FUN from NOTHING like naming things the VENUE OF DOOM or the TABLE OF DESIRE, etc… stuff that makes me chuckle inside.

This means forgetting about everything (including the women if I am in a club) except for stuff that amuses me. You should feel a glowing little smile inside yourself. Maybe even a cheeky smile. When you get good at it, you can generate the cheeky happy smile inside in under a second NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. Try it.

This is a crucial first step which we go into depth on the Flawless Natural bootcamp but you get the idea.


There is a CATALYST from this fun that your having inside yourself to the then meeting women. Because you are now your OWN party (on the inside anyway) you now need a way
to attract a women into your fun little micro world you have going on.

Now what normally happens when you see the Swedish love princess above out at a club?

Your being the party… but you also FREEZE UP when you see her. Your brain SHUTS YOU DOWN because of her beauty or whatever.

But what if we stopped this automatic freezeup program the brain does and replaced it entirely ? Using its freezing mechanism against itself ?

I call this catalyst the SPONTANEOUS LOVESTRUCK and it further enhances your self amusing ability.

Here are the specific steps:

1. (refer to above point, get that cheeky smile on the inside)
2. Spot a hottie, walking by or standing somewhere, or in a group or wherever
3. Allow yourself to be “Lovestruck” STOP. PAUSE AND DRINK HER IN FOR A SECOND. DONT FIGHT IT… inside you should be saying things like
“Damnnnn she is HOT”, “WOW look at that ass”, “Whoa YUM”, “MMM MMM MMMMMMMM YESSSSSS”

(should look a bit like this)

4. Harness the lovestruck energy inside BE POSSESED BY IT for a split second - feel it burning you up as a man… imagine her NAKED in YOUR BED
5. Listen to your inner MAN… like “Ohhhh I GOTTA get that”
6. JUST GO without anything else on your mind. LITERALLY. NO THINKING of ANY SORT - even what you are going to say. Its actually BEST if you DONT KNOW what you are going to say to her.
7. You must trust in that energy 100%

Ok seven steps but really it all happens in ONE SECOND.

<<Short version>>

You are feeling awesome because of the little smile inside > You see a hottie and feel even more awesome > You go up as fast as you can to get her NOTHING will stop you on your quest for glory !

Then what ?

“Hey my name is Tim, I just HAD to come and meet you”

All that BEAMING energy and CORE SEXUAL INTENT inside will be translated through your TONALITY and BODYLANGUAGE and she will open right up. It will feel spontaneous to YOU and HER and this is important - it will feel totally in the moment.

You cannot have one without the other.


Have you ever felt weird opening over your shoulder or indirectly or with some scripted line? Yep… cos it kills your core spontenaity and sexual intent.

What about when you have been talking to a girl forever all indirect and then at some point realise you have to turn sexual… bzzzzt. Nope.
She would have appreciated you as a MAN a lot more if you had of been straight up sexual from the start.
When did men become such pussies that they could not approach straight up sexual in a playful way that is not creepy or weird but just IS ?

You see… if I make a list of body language traits that you should avoid while talking to a girl like DO NOT lean IN, DO NOT approach directly, DO NOT wave your arms around, DO NOT talk queitly…. arrrghhhh the list goes on.

This sort of self-monitoring list KILLS beaming energy and core sexual intent.

Have you ever been talking to a girl thinking “I hope my body language is good… now what do I say next…”?
Then you will notice that that kills your interaction. She doesnt feel core manly passion coming from you therefore no reciprocating female passion will come your way!

It has to be totally in the moment.

The key with it is you are not “Gaming” or “Running a Set” or “in Pickup mode” or whatever. You are 100% enjoying the interaction with the girl nothing more nothing less. When it all comes down to it - you need to remember that you want to be bedding these girls and enjoying the whole interaction.

Then the third step is creating the BUBBLE OF LOVE around you and the girl so that nothing can get in the way of you two hooking up… but ill leave that for another day :)

Happy lovestriking :)


ok you silly man… its time to be a natural with women (grooooovy baby)

Awww im sorry i have neglected you for a week.
i’ve been very distressed too, and missing you… juggling being in field and running awesome programs every weekend here in LA is very intense - I THRIVE on it!

Lucky for you though I come bearing massive gifts.

Those of you who have been on the past weekend progams are seeing what the go is now. I am doing the official “FLAWLESS NATURAL” programs.

That means you leave the weekend with an amazing (uncanny) ability to walk into ANY venue, coffee shop, club or FAMILY BARBECUE and see a girl you are massively attracted to (i mean look at that ass mmmmm) and have a VERY VERY good chance of bedding her that day/night.

Pretty damn cool.

You see, when I first started out I had a vision.

I saw myself the WAY I WANTED TO BE (smooth and natural) as opposed TO WHAT I WAS (chode) at that time.

Can you do this?

Can you see yourself gliding into a club SMOOTH, in a perfect FLOW state where inside every fibre of your being you feel a happy GLOW?
In this state nothing matters… all that matters is YOU. You are the centre of the universe.
You may even take a deep breath in and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Look around and enjoy.

Now talk to a girl - everything that comes out of your mouth is GOLD you dont even know where it comes from but its LIQUID SILK.
Just ENJOYING this girls presence excites you even more!

This makes you even more smooth! A bubble forms around you and the girl she is totally sucked into your world and in some sort of love-trance…
Its crazy fun and feels blissful to you AND her at the same time.

OK come back to me now. So you could picture that right ? in your minds eye ? GREAT.

Now picture yourself being a total chode.
Like rolling into the club and just choding around like a weirdo and going home all sad.

Can you picture that now ? Yep im sure you can.

Here is my point.

EVERY SINGLE GUY ON THIS PLANET knows what smoothness/naturalness looks like (to them).
Conversely, every single guy knows what total chodeness looks like.

Now here is the deal… somewhere along the line of social conditioning, maybe high school or even earlier - we subconsciously choose to be one or the other.
We chose based on EXTERNAL sources. Maybe we got picked on. Maybe we didnt look as cool as those people on TV - whatever it was we made a choice.

Here is the really rad part: you can now choose consciously which one you would like to be.

Who gives you permission to be a cool naturally attractive man ?

DO not dress like this

(side note: do not dress like this, please)

YOU and YOU only.

Now I wanted to end this thought pattern on something profound. So here goes.

WARNING: This single sentence has rewired so many guys that it would almost be criminal for me to divulge it here.

Its almost TOO simple and TOO succinct. However it PERMEATES everything I do here at RSD and for my champs every weekend.

If you truely “get” this statement you will really be amazed in what happens in your life, especially with women.





To SEEK to become a “Natural” with women is to DENY that oneself is already… a NATURAL.

read it again.

and again.

let it sink in.

think about it.

more on this and specific ways to implement in field coming this week. get excited.


Stop tripping over yourself!… (Approach Anxiety)

I heard this term twice in the last week.


What the fuck is AA?

I dont mean to sound arrogant at all here. But really. Approach Aniety? HAHAHA… Lets next this once and for all.

Maybe it is that I have seen the most incredible things happen to guys on our program doing approaches or that I do not feel the slightest of state movement when walking up to a girl (which, i concede, has been built)… but here we go.

In my mind, Approach Anxiety is completely and absolutley insane.
It has been focused on and glorified (feared?) in the “community” ever since the dawn of time… well lets just refresh here - this is not the “community”… this (rsdnation) is, well, - THE SHIT.

The fact that we call it AA and THINK about it means that it EXISTS. When I heard this the other day for the first time in about 2 years my mind went “What… is … that… how… WEIRD?” then i thought “Oh yeah! thats right… i used to think like this hahaha”

So by talking/thinking about it - it exists. And as far as i am concerned will end after this discussion… no more talk on it. Gone. Non existent in OUR world here at RSD.

I know what your thinking… Ok timmy - so now what - how am I supposed to think this way?

Let me indulge you for a second…

Its all about the VALUE you ATTRIBUTE to things/objects/stuff in your own mind.

Like for me I look at a random object, lets say a tree.


Now when I look at this tree I can go “hmm ok, a tree - whatever”

A tree has certain given values that my brain puts on it.
First I name it TREE.
And within that name it has certain PROPERTIES.
Like leaves, blows in breeze, nice to sit under, is part of nature, etc list goes on.

How much VALUE does a TREE have to my IDENTITY?


It is what it is.

A fucking tree.

Now what if I take the same tree… and put MASSIVE value on it.
(if you didnt know - if there was no trees there would be no oxygen and therefore no YOU)…

So now the tree (in my mind) becomes the most motherfucking pimp deluxe super rad thing in existence…

Try it now. Just for fun.

Go outside or look out the window and focus on ONE tree.
Feel that this tree is the most coolest thing on the planet right now.
Just look at a tree, and let it make you laugh.

Give it a name…

Pimp Tree of Desire (or similar).

Ha there you go… self amusing yourself.

So this tree is now pretty valuable huh. woooooo.

Now lets flip it….

Lets look at a hot girl…

WHOA… your brain is like automatically throwing values on her.
She is hot. I need hot. My life would be better with her. Its so valuable. Looks so good… etc list goes on.

Now… if you could look at the girl and instead of putting all this MASSIVE VALUE on her immediatley and just see her for what she is: JUST SOME GIRL… then you are well on your way to getting rid of any anxiety.

Just LOOK at her… without letting your mind run wild. Observe what your mind is doing - listing values about her and getting you all worked up! STOP IT.

And think… damn… my pimp deluxe fly-TREE is cooler than this CHICK


this may sound funny but its true.

The point is to stop putting MASSIVE VALUE on SOME RANDOM girl AUTOMATICALLY. We are conditioned to do this by the way.

Just watch your mind. Observe it. Slap it on the wrist if you have to. Dont let it put the value on.

When you see the hot girl… pretend you are just looking at a mere tree. Who cares anyway.

Now i know i know… here is the dilemma - you cant have sex with a tree.
(well i admit - i havent tried).


But you CAN control yourself from being a chode and putting massive value on a girl.

Trees ahoy!


using your body as a tool to get in state

Here is some cool excercises you can use to get more in touch with the rad feeling inside your body.

This is great stuff that can help you get in a more energetic fun state right before heading out !

It is the same excercises actors use to warm up… works great.

I am a huge believer that the actor needs to hone his/her instrument on a constant basis:  their body and voice.
This area is for the actor who wants to learn those techniques in a simplistic way.  The best way is to participate in a Voice and Movement Class, using Feldenkrais, Alexander, and Linklater methods.

Quick Warm-Up Piece:
Borrowed from Jack Turnbull of Actorsite
We all forget to do our warmups. Here’s a refreshing one for you today. Remember, if you DO your warmups, you become better prepared, and if you NEGLECT your warmups, you become flaccid and out of shape!1. Make a big smile and say “eeeeeeeeeeeee” and slowly turn it  to “ooooooooooooooo” then to “uuuuuuuuuuuu” then to “aaaaaaaaaaah”! 2. Breathe in quickly through the nose to a count of 4. Hold for a count of 7, then exhale with a low pitched “aaaaaaaaaaaaah” for a count of 8.3. Now make a “mmmmmmmm” sound and keep humming from as low pitched as you can to as high pitched as you can, breatheing deeply and making siren noise with the “mmmmmmmmmmmmm” for 5 repetitions.

4. “The thick tick tied the thick tie”. Repeat 5 times. Now repeat with a high pitch…now a low pitch. Use all of the aspects of your speech.

Now read a monologue as a cold reading using all of the techical elements of speech…Volume: Louder/Softer, Pitch: higher/lower, Speed: faster/slower, plus all of the subtle other patterns of speech that you achieve in normal conversation and forget when cold reading.

       Physical Warm-Ups        (Standing)
        Reach as high as you can, really try and touch the stars.
        Then allow your wrists to collapse, then your elbows, then the
        shoulders, then allow the rest of your body, starting with the
        head, to collapse and hang limp (bend your knees if you want.)
        As you collapse release a great sigh.  Hang limp for a little
        bit, then SLOWLY roll up.  Coming up, it helps to imagine your
        vertabrae stacking one-by-one until you are standing upright.


the cyclone takes over the world

Zig over at RSDnation has been swirling it up with the cyclone…

Check it out!

 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !


How to open with devastating success (and not say a word!)

BEWARE: Here is an instant self-amusing opener that will be so devastatingly effective that it will dazzle you more than the girls in the below clip:

This is no joke guys.

Be afraid. Really afraid.
After initial implementation around Hollywood by Tyler and myself, plus used by my very own bootcamp guys this week…
it is field-certified and bought to you by of course,

THE CYCLONE… (of glory).


The steps:

1. Be it club, bar, street, workplace - line up the girl(s) you wish to wreak your glorious havoc upon and start moving toward.

2. As you are strolling up, feel an energy come swirling up from some mystical source below your feet

3. To use this energy clasp hands above head and continue to walk a bit faster (gathering as much attention from onlookers as you can)

4. While gathering speed you realise deep down that you look silly. And that is alone very powerful. Because you will notice that its FUNNY and you INSTANTLY
stop caring about what people think of you

5. Now the cyclone is building and building while that little voice in your head is actually LAUGHING hehehe. You reach the girl(s) at your top speed AND…

6. UH OH here it ISSSSSSSSSS (start spinning with hands still in the air and grin on your face)

7. Spin around 360 at least 4 times (if you can do this on the ball of one foot that is awesome technique) ——- ITS THE CYYYYCLOOOOONNNE BABAAAAY!

8. Stop the cyclone and look at the girl(s) with that funny little grin (hopefully your not too dizzy eh?)
You will notice…

a) Burst out laughing
b) they will start a cyclone type dance
c) they will stop, mouths open, and wait for what you will do next (”Hi, Im tim haaha” is fine)

They CANNOT PROCESS WTF JUST HAPPENED. A cyclone just hit her!

Its literally like pressing a reset button on a computer. They stop. Completely mesmerised and in your power… why ?
Because its so utterly ridiculous that it turns everyone around you into a SPECTATOR. They are watching what you will do next and that is powerful and YOU are the PLAYER…

This is SOOOOO fun its a joke. It creates the EXACT RIGHT MINDSET for you to be in when you are picking up. You are completely self amused… after the Cyclone of Glory
everything starts to flow…

If you are too uptight to try this you suck. Just do it.

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: Now the problem with the cyclone, “i like salad”, the claw and other silly retarted openers is that it can only be used a couple of times. Why ? because after a few nights of success with it, it then becomes your THING. Like your mind will make the cyclone part of your normal reality - and therefore destroy its power.
It works because it throws you outside your normal world instantly and therefore puts you in a self amusement frame. So having said this… DO NOT MAKE THIS YOUR WHOLE GAME
OR OPENER… it is simply a cool thing to get you self amused and in the right headspace. Got it ?


(Gosh im going to be out this week and see 100 people cycloning around me huh. Awesome!)