Im about to get a bit personal on you :)

A lot of the stuff I teach is a pure reflection of what goes on in my own world.

Here is the general philosophy…

The Flawless Natural: Focusing on positive aspects of moving towards a greater vision. A vision of YOU as a smooth, naturally attractive man. Rather than focusing on negative points that externally confirm the existence of YOU SUCKING.

Its all based on the general premise that ‘What you think about in life - YOU GET’.

What I am trying to communicate through his blog or through a Flawless Natural Bootcamp or the upcoming conference is point out that you actually are a CHAMP!

Empowering the INNER MAN of GLORY and eliminating the INNER BITCH of DOOM.

There is no point focusing on EXTERNAL things that point towards you sucking. Because you will find a million of them.

- Maybe you approached a girl last week and she didnt want to talk to you… waa waaa little baby YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe one of your little toes is bigger than your big toe… oh no! girls might not like that YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have never kissed a hot girl… OMG! YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have a shitty apartment or live with your parents… DAMN girls dont like that YOU MUST SUCK HUH
- Maybe you have never done an approach… wow YOU MUST SUCK HUH.

The list goes on forever. Heres my point: THIS THINKING IS POINTLESS AND RETARTED AND WILL KILL YOU.

The key is to focus on INTERNAL things that point toward you being DELUXE. After all, YOU are the only constant in this game that you can actually manage or enhance. The rest (girls/environment/external) are all VARIABLES that you cannot control.

I have always said that the one difference between the guys that are good and they guys that are SUPERFLY DELUXE is one thing: CREATIVITY.

When you walk into a club and there are 1000 chodes and 3 girls… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When your night is SUCKING and you are totally in your head… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When you have the girl but her friends are pulling her away… its CREATIVITY that will win.

When you have the same EQUAL VERBAL THINGS TO SAY as the next guy (routines?)… what will separate you? yep. CREATIVITY.
So then… how is creativity built or, better yet, CULTIVATED?

Firstly its hard to DEFINE creativity or how to generate it. Its something that happens SPONTANEOUSLY and this can be very elusive.

Lets look at “the game of pickup”, for example.
Ever since the first how to date girls books came out we men have been trying to STRUCTURE a way to get them consistently.
Which is cool and fair enough but also leads to its own sets of problems.

You see when you DEFINE something and try and put a box or structure around it, you are forcing yourself to follow a RIGID set of rules.

Therefore your thought patterns follow very stright lined, outcome oriented thinking. It looks like this:

Example of this thinking in its application (i.e what your mind says):

GOAL: Makeout and get with the girl.

Process: Approach and Open with Opener. Then Attract with attract stuff. Then Close using Close stuff.

Outcome: Kissing the girl.

What normally ends up happening is this. You see the girl then your head goes ok now what opener should I use, then what? hmm maybe a story… then ill do my famous swirly whirly routine and then ill close with the superman makeout tactic! (i made these names up btw there is no such thing… you nerd you)

The point is YOUR MIND TRIPS OVER ITSELF. You get INSIDE YOUR HEAD and outcome oriented. Then by the time you approach, the girl can smell that your not being genuine and probably actually being flat out creepy or weird (especially if your running background processes like monitoring your own body language and other useless things).

Ok - Here is what flawless natural thinking looks like:

It is completely free flowing in the moment. It deals with lifes situations and events as SOON AS THEY ARISE, with flexability and ease because there is no thinking about them in the future. See the post below “Spontaneous lovestruck”.

Here is what the mind does in relation to pickup (the opposite of outcome oriented):

P.s you get to read an exact snapshot of my inner dialogue here:

Wow im in a club… woooo!… high five my friend…. lets chat to my friend… i like my friend… ohhh awesome look at that chair ahhahha what a silly looking chair… sorry now back to my friend…. cool… ohhh this is fun… wow my shoes are brown that is funny…. “hmmm i was wondering about sea creatures the other day - there is some WEIRD SHIT going on in the sea”… i like lizards too… oh wait ! damn LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE IS FUCKING HOT…. YESSSSSS…. GO FOLLOW THE GIRL… MUST TALK TO HER…. YUM… “Hey i just had to come meet you i’m Tim!”… “you like sea creatures dont you hahahahah”…. “come here love… kiss me”…..”hahahahah”… this is weird she wont kiss me yet ahhhh well soon enough… “so back to you and me…what was your name again?”

My head is like a MAGIC EIGHT BALL. I shake it and whatever floats to the surface I do. I trust that somewhere in the void of my mind something cool will float to the surface.
Something cool to say, or do, or whatever in that exact event or situation.

If something cool/positive/fun doesnt float to the surface - i shake it again :)

More on cultivating a life of spontenaity later. Thanks for stopping by!

Thoughts? Comments? Love hearing from you.