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mr WOOO! and mr non wooo

Hey there,

Some non serious fun today.

To celebrate the launch of the Flawless Natural Method on DVD, Jeffy and I went into the studio to create a few classic episodes detailing WOOO! (a guy who is inside his head vs a guy who is outside his head).

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

wooo! times


It’s Here. The FULL FLAWLESS NATURAL METHOD is being released

Hey there,

Today is a really exciting day for you and me!

After all the questions such as: “Tim, what is your full entire method?”, “Are you putting this out on DVD/CD?”, “Where can I learn EVERYTHING all in one package?”

Well this past six months has been a massive preparation for the bomb thats dropping on July 2:


Click over to to see what its all about before you read on…

It consists of THREE never-seen-before components to take you light years ahead in your results:

1) The Flawless Attitude

2) The Flawless 5 Step Method

3) The Flawless Ecosystem.

As you would expect I have kept it very light on theory, and focused on teaching you his secret framework that will blow up your immediate response from women literally the same night you put it to the test.

It will teach you the secrets of my DIRECT and NATURAL approach, from start to finish, by tapping into your “Core Masculine Intent”
so that you are lethally effective and hyper potent in all your interactions with all the honeys out there.


This is 100% FRESH, NEW CONTENT with ZERO REHASH of anything you’ve ever experienced - a total quantum leap in both your abilities “in the field” and your success with the exact type of women you want.

I have also included a heap of LIVE IN FIELD FOOTAGE (a first for RSD) as a teaching aid to make this the most successful program you’ve ever done.



Is she REALLY Higher Value?

Something to think about for today:

Be VERY careful of your assumptions.

Back in the day when I was learning how to approach girls, I would read lot about the girl having HIGHER VALUE than the guy.

I actually believed this for a long time.

When you enter the bar or club or wherever, do you immediately assume the girls are better, cooler, have more status and are overall HIGHER
than yourself?

You silly, silly man.

These are GIRLS. Our other halves. Wonderful things that are there for US.

As soon as you assume higher value, you will PROJECT lower value through all your sub communications and boom - you ARE lower value.

There is a lot of pickup material swirling around that is based upon this premise - GIRLS ARE HIGHER VALUE.

The material says you should use tactics to either

a. lower her value
b. heighten your value

When you are looking at getting a girl from this perspective: the whole focus of attraction becomes a big chess game of who has the most value, instead of being an awesome adventure that you passionately enjoy (and, in turn, she does too).

Lets change our focus here.

One of the components of the Flawless Natural method is the FLAWLESS ATTITUDE.

One of the key attidues that can really help you is starting to view women as EQUAL VALUE. She has cool stuff, you have cool stuff - let’s blend the two.

Another key attitude is to view everything in your life as cool.
For example, I know guys who have great looks, lots of money and everything going for them but they aren’t EXCITED about it. They think their life is dull and are constantly chasing the next big thing.

This produces NO GIRLS in their lives so they always thinking they are lacking.

I also know dudes who have beat up cars, struggle to pay the rent and are shaggy fellows. They MAKE the things around them cool.

My old beat up car I used to call the ‘Chariot of love’. So when I would talk to girls I would refer to the ‘Chariot’. The chariot was, actually, rubbish - but somehow by me naming it that and viewing it as a cool thing, it became cool.

Over at my new videoblog, I talk about viewing people in the club not as obstacles but as CHEERLEADERS to your success.

When you view the world through the flawless natural lens, attracting girls becomes inevitable.

Much love


Natural Game - Approaching With The Lid Off Your Core

Hello to you,

Just got back from Santa Barbara, what a rad little town they have going there.
Bummed I didn’t get to see the nightlife but ahhh well.

I want to discuss something very important to me right now. Ripping the lid off your core man inside.

A lot of people watch programs about being a natural that are like 6 hours long with all sorts of
attitude adjustments and subtleties, but what they remember is ‘Approach by being yourself, without canned lines’.

They try it and it doesn’t work right away, and then they get confused.
This is because they’re understanding natural game IN REACTION to canned game,
and looking at WHAT NATURAL GAME IS NOT rather than looking at WHAT IT IS.
To make being a natural work, it’s not just about approaching with small talk, but with the lid off your core.

Say you get a Flawless Natural opener, like “Hey there, I’m Barry”.

You get all pumped up (WOOO!), run over to the girl and deliver.
She blows it off initially - so you go to the next girl, and the next, and the next.

Whoa all these blowouts. I guess Natural Game does not work.

Listen up.

Lets drill down to the core:

When you see a honey, what is the VERY first thing that comes to your mind?

- Ohhhhhh yum
- She looks AWESOME
- I would love to…
- Damn she is FINE

Or something like that. There is a split MILLISECOND when you lay your eyes on a girl
that your TRUE MANLY CORE talks to you. He gives you the right direction.

Now what happens after that first millisecond (most of the time)?
The mind of doom kicks in:

- Your not good enough
- What line should you use?
- Is your hair done good tonight?

List goes on…

But that first MILLISECOND where your core opens up (the DAMN SHE IS HOT) is where the power lies. The core tells you to ENJOY a girl. To go up FREE from petty restraints such as exactly what to say.

Sometimes I will blurt out things on my mind that have NOTHING to do with what we are talking about… that’s the lid off the core.

Opening girls with dumb stuff or general things that are going on in your world RIGHT NOW… that’s the lid of the core.

When the girl isnt acting favourable and you DONT CARE and just KEEP GOING because your are there not for her but as a CELEBRATION OF YOU… that’s the lid off the core.

With the lid off your core, you ride an awesome WAVE of you.

When you talk and act purely for your own enjoyment (but also to invite other people into your awesome world) you are coming from your core.

So when you go up and try this flawless natural style… go and FULLY put yourself out there. Instead of worrying about a girl opening up… OPEN YOURSELF UP.

The examples and material that you see on my blog are simply Tim with the lid off his core.

Take the lid off the core and let yourself ENJOY.


New videoblog launched today!

Hello you!

Today is a really special day for us.

I’ve really been enjoying the activity here on the blog. The stuff im continually trying to put out is like ‘pickup brain food’.

How good is it when you read stuff and it immediately gets you to take action and get pure results? Well here is some more powerful pickup brain food:

Flawless Natural Video Blog

Between my articles and updates here and the video over there - WOW.

Totally psyched.


PS. Please let me know what you think of my new site at

How to tap into your “Deep Champion”


Let’s smash right into this post. I’m going to enlighten you a little on TRUE enjoyment.

Inside all of us men there is a DEEP CHAMPION.

Underneath all the layers of social, external standards and THINGS - there is a CORE MAN, DEEP, DEEP underneath it all.

WARNING: I’m about to take you on a bit of a self discovery journey here. Now I am by no means what I call an “aura-guy”. I have trouble grasping anything too spiritual or airy-fairy. Out there in clubs and bars, hitting up girls and having an awesome time doing it is where my true love lays. As always, I love practical stuff that you can go out and try immediately - but in this post I really want to illustrate where the true FLAWLESS NATURAL comes from and how he can be awakened within you, now.

To start on this I need you to FORGET for a moment.

Forget the game.

Forget your job or circumstances.

Forget what you look like or the clothes you have on.

Forget the current physical shape you are in.

Forget where you think your life is heading.

Forget your friends and family.

Just forget it all. All I need is you…

There is an old school zen saying that really struck a chord with me when I read it:



Re-read the above until you connect with the core YOU. Imagine no roof, no sky, no anything above you - no ground to stand on, no earth below your feet.

Just YOU, suspended in a VOID.

This is where you connect to your DEEP CHAMPION. That man that is hidden deeply underneath the clutter of everyday life.

This man has so much going for him:

- He has PURPOSE
- He is HAPPY because he is ALIVE
- He moves you in the direction of your ‘bliss’

These are just some of the things your deep champion has going for you.

Lets look at the first thing, becuase this has the most relation to what I want to talk about.


I want you to think back to your last couple of approaches.
When you walk up to the girl, what is your PURPOSE?

Is it to get better at the game? if so then WHY?

Is it to get a girlfriend or have sex? if so then WHY?

Is it to get better social skills? if so then WHY?

Is it so you can bed 1000 women in a month? if so the WHY?

Is it so you can have ultrasupercool game like Tim or Tyler or anyone else?


What is your motivation?

This question is at the root of all successful or unsuccessful pickups, PERIOD.

Let’s illustrate here with two guys, Sam and Ben - they are both pretty much the same looking, same physical shape and same clothes. They both like sports and are what you would call a ‘regular dude’.

Sam has been learning pickup theory for a few months, he really wants to get good so he can show himself and his friends that he can get hot girls. He has never had a hot girlfriend and really wants one. Its a serious pain point in his life and he thinks about it constantly. One day he wants to be as good as pickup instructors or maybe even instruct himself in the future.

Ben has also been learning pickup theory for quite some time. He has never had a hot girlfriend or even been with a hot girl. Every night he goes to sleep imagining the smell and touch of a beautiful girl. He daydreams about it constantly. He is deeply motivated by the adventure and sense of wonder in getting beautiful women. One day he wants to find that blissful relationship that he can feel deep inside. She is out there. Somewhere.

Sam and Ben go to the same club, ‘Paradiso’ on a Saturday night.

Sam is first to get inside with his buddies. He is prepared for battle. All night he has been thinking about his game. Tonight he feels ON. He cant really concentrate on his friends because he is scanning the club for the next target.

Ben rolls up with his friends. He is joking around with his buddies and genuinely enjoying himself. In the back of his mind he is hoping to see some hot girls at the club, but is having fun anyway.

About half an hour in, an absolute stunner, Anna, walks in with her friends.

Sam sees her and his brain buzzes. She is a true HB10. He reels his mind for openers and chooses one and goes.

He approaches HARD and taps her, reeling off his canned opener that’s worked 1000 times before. She is a little stunned, but obliges with a response. Sam senses the vibe and goes for attraction. He busts on her about her body language to which she laughs. Sam decides now to go for phisical escalation. He puts his hand over her shoulder. Anna laughs and leaves it there but is wondering what this guy is doing. Sam starts telling Anna some stories and throwing some attract bits in there.

He is thinking “YES! my game is on FIRE tonight!”. She seems to be enjoying the interaction. Sam goes in for the kiss… She is caught a little off guard and tells Sam that she must go find her friends. Sam gets her number before she leaves to find her friends. Boom, solid number close… Sam is stoked.

About half an hour later Ben sees Anna up at the bar ordering a drink. He looks at her and is lovestruck. She hits him to his core. She has the perfect body, the right smile and the way she carries herself is immediately alluring to Ben.

He imagines himself pulling her in tight and passionately making out with her. Ben is also thinking about HER enjoying HIM as much as he enjoys her.

Ben knows he has to approach, despite of that fear creeping up inside his body. He must go now… He focuses on Anna like a LAZER, driven deeply by a sense of manliness inside. If anything, he will enjoy talking to such a fine girl. He goes in STRONG…

Ben: “Hey, I’m ben.”
Anna:”Oh hey. I’m Anna”
Ben: “Cool. Ya know, I was walking back to my friends, but I would KICK myself if I didnt come and meet you.
Anna: “haha. so where are you from?”

Ben instantley notices how good Anna smells. He quickly glances at her nice breasts tucked away behind a classy dress. His mind says “God I want to have sex with this girl”.

Ben is truely enjoying her. Every fibre of his BEING wants her. He is just EXCITED to be there in her presence.

They throw back conversation with each other easily. He is not agreeing with everything she says… quite the opposite, he is actually flirting with her on a number of random topics that come into his head. A little while later Anna’s friends come over to see where she is. Ben immediately introduces himself and has genuine interest in the friends, he pictures them as little cheerleaders for him and Anna hooking up.

She is loving it. He is too.

At a random rush of enjoyment Ben grabs the half full drink out of her hand and necks it. She hits him playfully. He snatches her hand and leads her to the dancefloor where he pulls her in tight to his chest. God she smells amazing.

At the height of both of their enjoyment, he pulls her in closer so her cheek is lightly brushing his. They are both getting ultra turned on. She loves the way he is leading and going for her without barriers. He angles his neck so their lips come together smoothly and they start passionately making out.

Time stands still. They feel like they are making out forever.

Anna’s friends come and drag her to the bathroom. She tells Ben to wait by the dancefloor. His friends come up to chat him. Meanwhile in the bathroom the girls are giggling about how cute Ben is and how she should totally go with him tonight. Anna says she will see where it goes.

Its getting late, so Ben decides as soon as she comes out of the bathroom to casually escort her out of the club back to his house.

All the way to the cab and back to the house they are close, making out, laughing and just having a fun, light time together.

Ben takes her to his room. He ravishes her the way he deeply knows how. She takes him with full enjoyment and ecstacy.

What was the core difference between Sam and Ben?

Their core motivation.

From the start, Sam didnt even really know his motivation or intention. He was worried about his game and not even enjoying the girl in front of him. He put his arm around the girl in an attempt to get physical. But what for? It was what I call the PURPOSELESS HAND OF DOOM.

Seems like Sam was the purposeless MAN of doom. He had the wrong intentions. His movements were not dictaed by the CORE DEEP CHAMPION INSIDE. They were dictated by some external worldly standards.

Anna felt it on some level. Something was Awry.

If Sam called Anna, she would flake.

Now Ben is in touch with his inner champion. His purpose: to ENJOY women and the adventure and beauty that accompanies them. He feels a deep passion for women. His understanding of women is not reliant upon mere pickup material - if the material doesnt gel with his deep, true champion - he doesnt even use it.

So Ben wins.

And, so does Anna.


My most prized possesions

 By far the best posessions I have owned this year have been:

Drumroll please…

My notebooks!

If there was one single habit that i’m so blissfully happy I nailed this year it would be consistently jotting every thought down in my tiny notebooks.

I carry around these superslim backpocket notebooks and pen EVERYWHERE as a habit for the last six months.

Every time I have a little thought on the Flawless Natural Method I write it down…

Every time i’m in the club and I say something money I pause the girl, pull out my book and write that down. I actually lost ZERO girls doing this and I thought it was funny…

Every time something cool happens in the club or throughout the day I write it in…

 I only write one or two sentence notes and I can usually fit in around 5 notes per page. It’s simply a tool to jog my memory.

The awesome material does not come from sitting at home thinking about awesome material. It comes when you least expect it - maybe i’ll be on the way to the gym and BOOM an epiphany fires off in my brain that i’ll write down.

I’m sure this has happened to you and you just didnt know where to put the idea, then before you know it - POOOOOF - GOOOOOONE.

You must take it EVERYWHERE you go as a habit for it to work. The key is to buy some pads that you really like and your actually going to use. They must be pocket sized and slim so they dont bulge out your pocket. You can get packs of 5 for $3.00ish anywhere.

Tyler is the one who suggested I do it while I was creating the Flawless Natural Method, it made such a smashing difference to that and also my world.

Its amazing how many things I just did not remember. I flick back to a week ago and I’ll find a wicked little thought that I forgot and then am SO happy I wrote that stuff down. Little stories, adventures, stuff I need to remember.

If you really want to smoothen out your success with women then start writing everything down. Even the bad stuff, like when you feel chode. The mere WRITING of “i feel kinda chode in the club tonight” distances yourself from the feeling in your head and can actually put you into state!

Use the notes to track your progress and fuel your future.

Here are the 4 steps to notedeuxe:

1. Go to chodestore and get 5 slim backpocket notebooks and SMALL (halfsize) pens.

2. Make sure before you leave the house that the book and pen are in your back pocket ALL THE TIME - NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Record EVERYTHING. Even stuff that you think is kinda irrelevant - if you find your self asking “should I write that?” the answer is ALWAYS YES!

4. Pick a day at the end of the week where you do a NOTEBOOK DUMP. This can be into a bigger notebook or even a word document on your computer.

I even have small labels I put on each little note in my notebook. For example if something relates to pickup I put a big (P) next to the note. If it relates to money I put a big (M). If it relates to urgent stuff I need to remember I put a (U*).

You get the drift. Get on it.


Kicking the shoes off. (Minimal game explained)

Hello there.

I want you to remember the most recent time you went to a persons house or apartment for the very first time. Maybe you didnt even know that person very well…

Most of the time it goes like this:

You step inside after a brief lecture of how sorry they are that their house is a mess (even though most of the time its in totally pristine shape).

Following that is the tour of everything; “Here is the bed, here is the kitchen, oh let me show you where the toilet is… would you like to sit here? or here?”. Along the way, of course, there is running commentary on EVERY item in the place. It gives that weird vibe in the air where the host is trying to show you their most prized space and worrying what the guest thinks, while the guest is actually trying not to trip over anything or say the wrong thing about the wierd painting on the wall.

Its uncomfortable for both guest AND host.

My question is why is it so uncomfortable?

Let me tell you a story about my buddy ‘Natural Sean’. This guy ALWAYS has the hottest girlfriends. A true flawless natural. He is a magnet and I couldnt understand his magnetic magical power until recently.

Anyway Sean invited me over to his place for a quiet few drinks with some friends. He aswered the door with a big hello, telling me to kick my shoes off anywhere I like. I put them neatly at the front door as he grabs his arm around my neck and drags me inside. Sean has scruffy hair and has such a laid back, cruisey energy that you can’t help but feel relaxed around him.

He leads me straight through the house, no commentary, no tour, just out the back to where we end up sitting. Without saying a word he jumps up and fixes us a drink… chatting about nothing in particular as he goes. Awesome. I immediately feel comfortable and decide that THIS is the way to bring girls to your house.

It wasnt a special house, it was actually kinda messy. Although it had one thing: A special VIBE. That vibe was total comfort. He wasnt trying to make his place seem great - it was great because we were there. That is all.

He had that vibe in everything he did. His car was RUBBISH but for some reason it seemed cool because it was his and HE thought it was cool. He made no attempt to say it was the best, or the worst. It was what it was, and he was happy with that.

When you were around this guy it seemed like nothing else was needed in the world. He wasnt talking about how busy he was in the future or about past things. Sean lives for the very second he is in, he ENJOYS every second. Minimal game at its finest.

Amazed at this I started adopting the ‘kick the shoes off’ minimal game practice throughout EVERYTHING I did when dating girls.

When I approached a girl in a bar or club, I would talk to her like it was my house and I wasnt TRYING to get her to like it. I just AM. And happy to be that too, thankyou.

When I called a girl in the phone, I simply said what was needed in that moment. “Hey there, what are you up to?… Oh cool… Yeah, come hang out”. Strictly no swirly lines or stories or anything - just cruisey, laid back, GIVING VIBE the whole way.

When I bought a girl to my house, I just threw my shoes off and made no attempt to clean up or explain the dirty socks on the floor. I would sit myself down with no fuss, she followed and sat too. I was comfortable therefore SHE was comfortable.

The result: my happiness and game skyrocketed.

The lesson: DONT TRY SO MUCH! Be happy with what is happening. Enjoy.

As soon as there is that TRYING vibe coming off you (like your trying to get pickup lines, or routines, or a pickup concept to work) - then the girl will feel exactly like the uncomfortable house guest, and you will feel like the uncomfortable host.

What are some of the ways that YOU can start ENJOYING? Comments please.

kick those shoes off!


updates on the adventure

Hey there,

I have recently added the Twitter application to my facebook and blog and wanted to see what you think.

The technology looks really cool and means I can stay connected to you through another channel.

For those of you who dont know, twitter lets you know exactly what i’m doing at any point in time. You can subscribe to my ‘tweets’ and see where Tim is at… you can also recieve my whereabouts and ramblings direct to your mobile as I post them for free.

Check it out here and let me know if you like it. I think its fun.


PS. After this weekends stellar bootcamp I have some really cool posts coming this week… very exciting indeed.