timothy marc

Well its been a long time…

REALLY long…

Fate came along and swept me off my feet.

As you know, one of my ultimate passions in life…  one of my purposes… is DJ’ing and dance music. Since I was a kid it was always the dream. It just so happens that I love beautiful women as well. It is no secret that I believe my future wife is swirling around somewhere in Sweden at the moment.

swedish glory

The thing I am most proud of when I look back on this last year and the Flawless Natural program, is that the amazing people who study this program are getting such amazing results with women. So good that we are now seeing students get INSTRUCTOR LEVEL GOOD in just weeks after watching or taking a bootcamp. It’s THAT good and i’m proud to say that I played a massive part in that.

It was a few months ago that I received a MASSIVE calling while I was living in Los Angeles. The sort of call that you can only dream of. It was an Australian voice offering me the Dj’ing opportunity of a lifetime.

Holding my very own dvd set in my hands I realised that it was time to go do it. To have a massive go at becoming a professional DJ/Producer.

So for now, its Melbourne Australia for me.

Im writing and producing my own house music as well as regular DJ gigs here in Australia.

Does this mean Natural Tim is gone?

Haha. No way. It only gets BETTER!

The game never leaves you. Once you go down the rabbit hole of success with women you are HERE TO STAY!

So stay tuned for more articles and updates of my DJing, music and more importantly, WOMEN adventures.

You will get to follow me up close and personal. A guy who went through and became an elite coach in success and dating with women, and now is applying that to another exciting area of his life.

This has never been seen in the success with women community!

Another guy I really admire in this area is my fellow Aussie homeboy Alexander~.


alex himself

alex himself

While I was soaking up the spotlight putting together Flawless Natural, Alexander~ was working his way to the top. He is a humble guy and pretty young so no one imagined what he was capable of.

In the last 18 months he’s taught more bootcamps on planet earth than anyone else. In the last six months he won the coveted prestegious RSD instructor competion, which puts him at the top as the most hard working and loved instructor.

As you guys know all instructors spoke at the Flawless Natural superconference. Alex had never spoken in public before and out of no where blew everyone away. Scoring as high as myself and Jeffy who are seasoned speakers.

This kid motivated me to step it up for an elite perfomance on the day of recording Flawless Natural a month later.

And it will be the enigma of Alex that will be launching his own free workshop world tour.

Keep an eye out for him in a city near you soon. The latest news is he wants to hone his speaking and presentation skills from excellent to the level of mastery. He is getting on the road to test all his brand new content that he is secretly putting into the long awaited and much requested immaculate inner game feature presentation (you heard it hear first!).

Tyler and I both agree, one of the best we have ever seen in field too.

I remember when I met Alex. I called Tyler telling him that we have to bring this guy on. Years later, I’m very proud to recognise him as a fellow member of the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaching group.

Make sure you check out his blog which is very detailed and amazing stuff, to say the least:

With this guy, Ryan and Brad representing RSD you know there are amazing things to come.

Right now, I’m off to mix it up and summon some girls up to the DJ box.

Come check me out some time http://www.timothymarc.com

stay tuned champs.