Hello you.

So you are back for another flawless natural living plan pointer eh?

I don’t blame you. This is some awesome crew we have here joining the journey!

Today’s gift comes to you today from Tyler, My housemate Rion and Myself.

I was out the other night in Melbourne catching a DJ that we really like when we got on the topic of why dudes struggle with girls.

Granted, this lad Rion has never been in the situation of struggling for women. He has always had the same girlfriend for as long as I remember. But he gets approached and girls throw him the eyes of desire all the time.

He chooses his relationship and has never once doubted it. So therefore she never doubts him.

They don’t see each other everyday and have a healthy space between them for them both to do their work and hang with friends. It’s a model cherish relationship.

cherishing in the night


You can tell that the guy is just at peace with where he is at in the club that the girls just roll up on him constantly. He will harmlessly flirt for a bit before cutting it off at the right point without any harm to anyone. Its really cool to see and we have a great time together.

So there is this flawless natural style concept that we were throwing around in the club and it is something that Tyler and I talked about on our very first meeting in Los Angeles back in 2002.

I believe this is the key to Rion’s success and could unlock a new way for yourself.

He said that he has always believed that you are born with say, 50 points to allocate to certain categories in your character.

Tyler believes this too.

Some guys are more funny and higher energy than others. Some are more serious yet charismatic. Some are more relaxed while others are lively. Some are tuned in to culture and arts while others are more into cars and drinking beer.

The thing is, all of these guys get laid by the type of girl they attract into their point allocation characters.

You know those girls that are rev-heads and into big muscles and cars. You also know those girls who are studious and like a more knowledgeable man.

Let me clarify.

If you were to look at the broad spectrum of attributes that a mans character can have:

Charisma, Humor, Alphaness, Risk-taker, Relaxed, Energetic, Physical, Serious, Intelligent, Cocky, Witty, Smart…

The list goes on. The point is that YOU get to choose from an early age what attributes to adopt into your personality.

The cool this is that it doesn’t matter which attributes you have NOW, you can create habits to change them.

Its like a video game. You just earn more points in certain areas.

You are not different to a high class athlete who can shoot and score but no goal-keeping skills. Do you suck because you can’t goal keep - HELL NO! You can shoot goals. The same goes for vice versa.

Which is why RSD is so amazing. RSD is about discovering what attributes you want to attract the girls you want and how to do it.

Look at Jeffy, Ryan, Brad, Tyler, Ozzie… where are their “points” allocated?

This week is about looking honestly at ourselves and where our points lie.

I am starting a thread on RSDnation on Character Points, so we can create a master list of attributes that a man can have.

Head over there now and add some that aren’t already there. Then we can start building our characters from items in that list.

Make Sense?

Good. Head over now. More on this next week!




PS. Quick update on Tim’s world. I am working on a new EP at the moment which I will make free for my Natural Tim readers for a short time! It means that Tim is underground and not going out as much - which HURTS - but it is necessary at the moment.