So by now you have most likely gone to your hometown parents place for some christmas goodness.

I LOVE the responses to this plan and have a couple of posts already mapped out for the next coming weeks for you but I think that this one here today is my personal favorite.

This is going to be an AMAZING year for you. I know it.

You have been building up the last couple of weeks, from visions to heros, now its time to get specific on women for 2009.

On the flawless natural program (which these blogs are designed to follow) I talk about creating a vision for your ideal woman… Let me elaborate with a recent story that happened to me a couple of days ago.


(Meeting the girl that connects)

Before setting back to my hometown before christmas I decide to head out with some friends.

We are rolling through laughing and having our normal jolly time.

All of a sudden I hear a “Hey Tim!” behind me… it’s a guy I vaguely know but haven’t seen for a few months. We start talking and I am introduced to his stunning blonde girlfriend. Classy dress. Clearly the most stunning girl in the place in a girl next door way as opposed to the turboslutty type.

Now of course I am totally more focused on my friend, but he eventually gets pulled away by another guy to the bar, leaving me and the girlfriend.

Now here is where it gets tricky to explain.

You see, I have been to a few countries and met a few girls in my past days but every once in a while something happens:


It happens when you and a girl CLEARLY MATCH IN EVERY WAY and it happens as soon as you say hello to each other.

It feels like a massive glowing fireball that hits you both in the chest at the same time. You talk like you have known each other since you were born.

You lose track of time. The conversation is effortless and gold flows out of your mouth to the point where it doesn’t even seem like you are in a normal human conversation of words, but something like a glorious energy exchange. A dance where you are not touching each other.

A dance that is not happening physically, but it’s definitely happening.

To everyone else in the bar you look like old friends that haven’t seen each other for years. The truth: you have only known her for six minutes.

The way her mouth moves when she talks, the way she accidently brushes your leg, the way she leans in closer and hangs on your every word, the way she understands everything you say, the way she bows her head to you in silent acknowledgement… but the MOST important thing is she understands from a mere minute of having meeting you… she understands WHO YOU ARE as a man. You two CLICK and FLOW.

So with this understanding she has, it’s like her whole being is shouting at you: “I love you”.

You are the only two in the room that know it.

Can you fake this kind of interaction? No.

What is the Click and Flow?

It is rare but not rare enough to not occur if YOU do the right things.

The click and flow is an accumulation.

Its an accumulation of all the hours spent in the gym and eating healthy.

Of all the social interactions you have had.

Of all the time you have spent on becoming a hero.

Of those nights where everything is quiet and you can dream of the future.

Of those lonely times when maybe you’re out in a garden somewhere or looking at the stars.

Of all the struggles and challenges that you have overcome in your world.

Most of all its the time when you snap to a point in time and she can see all of that accumulated.

In the way you walk. The way you talk. The way you smile. The quiet confidence in something as small as a sip from your drink.

She knows instantly. She wants you sexually, mentally, emotionally.

So part III of the FN Program is different to a bunch of new years resolutions that don’t work.


It’s going to be simple: Put your 2009 order in now.


A good friend of mine once told me: DEFINE YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEONE DEFINES YOU

I would also like you to think of defining your woman before she defines you.


Part 1:

What girl would you like to have the CLICK and FLOW with?

How will it happen?

Where will you be?

How will you be carrying yourself?

Here is what you do… go back to the thread you did on and post the answer to the above questions.

A short paragraph on YOUR 2009 CLICK AND FLOW experience. How it will go down. Details, details, details.

Really FEEL IT as you write it.


Part 2:

Define YOU.

What are YOU going to look like in 2009.

When that girl talks to you for the first time what is she going to FEEL?

What does she INSTANTLY love about you?


Next week we are going to have a FIELD MISSION relating to this :)

Getting excited yet?


I wish only one thing for you in 2009… even if it only happens ONCE.


I want you to have a CLICK and FLOW with an amazing woman.

Happy new year - 2009 is the year for you.


Much love.




PS. So me and the girl parted ways after a massive close hug and kiss that was almost a bit too long and suspicious for the boyfriend. I got the hell out of there. There are many more click and flow moments to be had in ‘09 than to get into a drama with a friends girl. Call it game-maturity.