Welcome back to the glorious land of the naturals.

Today is an amazing day. First I want to enlighten you on the pain of the game. Then back this up with some true glory - my very own opener of desire. Pretty much all I ever use when approaching these days.

To kick things off, I have just finished reading ‘It’s not about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong. If you haven’t read it, I thought it was an easy and really good read. You will knock it over in a day and get a very big appreciation for a hero and his mindsets.


Here is a quote from him:


“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.”


It happens to you all the time. You go out. You approach girls. Sometimes it hits like FIRE, sometimes it doesn’t.


The one thing you should know about pain is if you choose it and choose to bear it knowing its rewards at the end - it will be inevitable that you get them.


Wow I remember so many nights where I would go home empty handed. Or having been shunned by every girl in the club.


But do you know what? the pain only went down so far. You should never let it consume you or take you over.




Because you have CHOSEN to feel that pain. Those tough nights, the loneliness, the struggle.


You have chosen it because of the REWARD at the end. Your VISION.


This is why the pain only went down so far. Because I always had my vision there to back me up.

If I sucked one night - so what - maybe I wont suck tomorrow, or next month, or next year.


Getting rejected by this girl or that girl became LAUGHABLE because I knew that somewhere around the corner BOOM… I would reap all the rewards.


So welcome to the new year, mr natural.


You have no way of knowing what’s in store for you this year. What adventures lie around the corner. What amazing gorgeous girl you are going to meet.

Hey, she is probably just around the corner.


So this week is dedicated to a bit of light motivation while you recover and regroup after having a big new year period, as I certainly did.


Personally I went back to the gym today and am back eating my same meals a day. My soul is smiling.


Me and my friends have new sayings… “Soul Glow” and “Soul Frown”.


Like when you are stuck in an airport with a big ass delay = Soul Frown

When you find 20 bucks in a pocket that you didn’t know was there = Soul Glow


So add that to the Flawless natural vocabulary!


“Oh man after I read that post today I had full soul glow”

“Oh man I approached this girl Susie and got shut down, SOUL FROWN! ah well”


Well then. On to your in field mission this week:


I have an opener I want you to use. This is from my personal repertoire of glory. Use wisely.

This is pretty much along the lines of which I open with ALL THE TIME.


For those that have seen the Flawless Natural, you will remember me talking about looking at a girl before you approach and really letting yourself ENJOY her. Look at her ass, her face, her body and really SOAK IT UP as a MAN before you approach.

Something inside you should click “Oh yes… this is for me”.


I want you do feel this the next time you see a girl who you like, in the club, or whatever… then walk right up and say:


“Hey… you know what… I just couldn’t continue my day unless I met you”

***pause wait for blush/reaction***

“I was just walking along, minding my own business and then I saw you and went WHOA I have to meet this girl or I would kick myself”.

“I’m Tim”.


Now. Do not run this through your head and picture it going amazingly and having the girl swooning in your arms. Also don’t throw “what if she is in a group”, “what if she is on the moon and I cannot reach her” typer scenarios at me. That is rubbish. JUST GO. GROUP OR NO GROUP OR MOON JUST GO!!!


I want you, before next weeks post, to go out and TRY THIS OUT IN REAL LIFE.


Then come back and report in the comments section here. I will read these personally and actually reply to those who tried this out in next weeks post.




This will be awesome.




PS. Happy NEW YEAR woooooop!