Hey there,


How are you going with the opener of desire?

Much love to the guys who dedicated themselves to trying it out.

I really love that I have a forum to communicate to you and other users of the flawless natural methodology.

This week I am going to answer some questions from the previous week but also give you something very special that I have never talked about, but always knew. Its a secret phenomenon called ‘The Glimpse of Glory’ and I am sure you have felt it at some point but haven’t harnessed its power.

So first of all, thanks for the entertainment of ‘Matty Balls’, Jon B and Goldenchild for their interesting and awesome field reports.

The correlation that all of these had was the ‘click’ moment where you are in the middle of testing or using this material when approaching a girl and all of a sudden a short burst of awareness happens where you think “THIS IS WHAT IS IS ALL ABOUT!”.

Im sure that you have had it too.

You approach a girl and irrespective of the outcome of the approach, you got a small GLIMPSE OF GLORY.

It could happen just as you see the girl. It could happen as you are walking up, or the very second you stop her before you have said anything. It could also happen five minutes into the conversation.

It can even happen as the girl walks away after rejecting you.

Your body relaxes, it smiles to itself and you get a small, sharp time warp moment that looks into the future and says “YOU ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME AT THIS”.

It is the weirdest feeling. It doesn’t normally last longer than a second.

It is free of analyzation, theory or thought. You simply just KNOW that all will be ok.

Maybe you screwed up this approach, but you gained massive insight into how not to screw up the next one.

This is the beauty of the guys that are out there putting this stuff into practice and why approaching girls you are attracted to is such a fun and fulfilling thing to do.

So next time you do an approach, look for it. Look for that one sharp point where your body and mind have one big “UH-HUH!” moment. It happens EVERY TIME. That is the Glimpse of Glory and that is why you will get your vision.

Now, revisiting last week I had a number of questions on what to do if she says “I have a boyfriend”.

I cannot possible theorize on the whole spectrum of responses, unlocking some sort of code in a keyboard jockey type way. But what I can do is tell you what I have done in that situation.

1. She clearly likes you but clearly does have a boyfriend. This is clear because she still wants to chat and has a big smile on her face.

Tim’s response: Make her a friend and get her number or get out of there, leaving her to her BF.

2. She looks weirded out and says “I have a boyfriend”. This means you haven’t come across cool enough BUT could also mean she has a boyfriend.

Tim’s response: Get playful to see if she warms up. “DO you want another one?” is a typical humor type response that I detail in Flawless Natural.

If she still isn’t warm or polite to you this is why:

1. She is having a bad day or just plain SUCKS. Careful not to use this as an excuse for a bad approach.

2. You did a bad approach. You look weird, uncomfortable or sound canned. You know it yourself. If you have that feeling of awkwardness inside she will feel it and this can damage your results.

In the case of number two, listen to the Glimpse of Glory and use that for fuel to your next approach!

After all… relax and smile, you are just socializing.

Im giving you the week off in terms of a mission, because I have something pretty cool lined up next week.

Have a glimpse of glory day!