The official ‘Flawless Natural Living Plan’ (part 1)


Well hello there,

Another lovely Monday has rolled around and that means its another post from the world of T. 

You will really enjoy this weeks installation, it is something extremely personal. I took a chance to browse through the many emails and requests and pulled out a couple of questions that you might be interested to find out some of the secret behind the scene stuff that goes on.

I have recieved a number of emails that are asking me to go into details of my personal life and routine. So I am going to give you the complete picture on a week in the life of Tim and how YOU can live amazingly too.

You see, what you actually do with your days, how you think and interact with your world is one of the core principles of being a flawless natural. Ultimately its this that will make you have the x-factor that women desire.

So this is the first in the series on how to live like a flawless natural.

Just to kick this off, one person who emailed me wanted to know more about what I do in my spare time, ending the email with “(I’m) just interested to know more about Tim: the regular guy!”.

First of all, I believe it is VERY dangerous to consider yourself a regular guy.

I tried it for a while. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t make you happy at all.

When you were a kid I am sure that you thought you were destined for greatness.

There was something inside of you that told you “You will do something amazing”.


Everyone I have ever spoken to confirms this.


Then what happens? Somewhere along the line you fall into regular guy mode.

You watch TV and get ideas of what a guy should look like and the things he should be doing.

You follow the advice of your peers and parents on the direction of your life, aiming to please them.

Thinking “once I do this job or that course I will be happy, and others will be too”.

You think “why should I deserve all the things I desire deep down anyway?”.

You think “there are much smarter, more attractive, intelligent, cooler people out there”.

You start to create your role in society as something mediocre all the while pushing away that pure voice that is inside, the voice that you used to hear in your head when you were a kid.

You tell yourself there is no point in going to all this effort to reach my physical, mental and emotional potential because you will probably not achieve it anyway.

You might immerse yourself in spirituality and other non-earthly things as a means of escapism from what is glaring you in the face.


Can you relate to any of this?


How do I know all of that?


Because I have battled with all of those headspaces too. Hell, when I told my father that I was going to fly to Los Angeles and start teaching men to be successful with women, he said “What?! No! This isn’t some fag thing is it?”.

To this day he still tells me to go back to corporate life. Also judging by my track record and the trouble I have been in for bringing too many girls into the house I don’t think he remotely believes I am homosexual either. 

By the way I still think corporate life is really great for a lot of men, if they have looked into their soul and confirmed that this is what they really want.


Anyway back to the point.


You see, one day I realized that you will always find somebody that is smarter, more attractive, cooler, more intelligent than you. To focus on this, and other people and what they have, is very destructive to your soul.

Armed with this knowledge six years ago I decided to lie down late at night, put some deep chillout music on, and come up with an elaborate fantasy life for my future.

I really lived it. I looked at the things I wanted. I imagined myself in New York and traveling all over the place. It moved my soul. It made me feel amazing. Something deep inside went “yes, this is for you”.

Now to a young kid in a small country town in Australia, to have such thoughts and ambition is totally absurd.


Maybe you are in the same situation?


Moving along…

The most difficult (yet strangely easy) question you will ever answer:

What does your soul want for you?

Late at night. When everything is quiet and you are not asleep, what does your soul tell you?

Somewhere in there, is that same voice you had when you were a kid. It is there. If you cannot hear it you are caught up in a haze.

Everyone’s soul is different and living the vision it has for you is what it definitely means to be a flawless natural.

Tips for getting back in touch with the soul (step 1):

1. Absolutely maintain the best physical shape you possibly can. That means as guys, its 4 days a week in the gym or running or some form of hard physical exertion. It also means eating a super balanced and nutritious diet.

This is NO JOKE. Your soul cannot communicate to your mind if all you do is eat and live in MUCK.

When you are eating well and working out regularly there are no excuses to give yourself.

You are doing the best you possibly can. Therefore you will have massive self respect, not to mention massive energy and looking healthy. 

Self-respect and the soul go hand in hand.

The physical is the base for everything else. Handle this FIRST.

If you do not have a gym membership or eat rubbish get this handled TOMORROW.

You must do 4 days a week physical excercise and eat healthy EVERY DAY.

NOTE: Your mind will rationalize away trying to do this. Don’t let it. Just GO!


2. Implement a nightly and morning soul-ritual.

Just before you go to sleep, put on some downtempo chillout or classical music. Then close your eyes and LIVE in a world you want to live. Where you are totally owning it and doing the things you have always wanted. Do the same in the morning, dedicate 20 minutes before breakfast to looking at your visionboard.

When pondering things or adding stuff to your visionboard make sure it really MOVES you.

Like you get a rush of excitement as you think of the potential and possibility.

It must EXCITE the hell out of you - or throw it away and think of the next thing.

Use the music as a tool to take you into that state. It must be atmospheric downtempo grooves or classical.

Here is one of my personal favourites: Kruder & Dorfmeister (do a search baby)

I actually look forward to going to bed and also getting out of bed when I know this is the first thing I will be doing (if I am on my own, that is).

Do this every day and night for the next 7 days.

……. (to be continued)

So this concludes part one on how to live like a flawless natural.

Next week ill get into some more steps and delve deeper again into it. However you MUST complete the top two before even thinking about next weeks article. Set yourself a challenge… try it for 7 days:

1. Physical Excercise

2. Eat Amazingly

3. Soul-Ritual morning and night.

Enjoy it. It’s going to be super tough at first for you, but I’m really looking forward to accompanying you on the flawless living plan and seeing you on the other side.


PS. I know you have probably heard a lot of this stuff before. But it is those that are going to actually implement this that I am speaking to. If you want to be awesome with women and life in general then this is the way I have found to work and simply, If I can do it, you definitely can!

My housemate Nathy

(note this is unfortunately not nathy)

I’m pretty sure I have the coolest housemates in the world, who you could learn as much from as I have.

One guy, Rion, who I have been best friends with since elementary school, is the real life form of Vincent Chase from the TV show Entourage. Looks exactly like him, but most of all the guy just oozes quality and you can learn a lot from just having a short two minute conversation with him. Because that two minutes you spend talking to him he will actually listen INTENTLY to EVERY - SINGLE - WORD that you say.

representing T

Looks you right in the eye and listens without agenda or anything.
Everyone walks away thinking he is a great dude.

Mothers love him. Girls love him. Guys love him. He owns and we have an absolute rad time together.

Anyway ill talk about Rion another day.

Today I want to talk about Nathy.

Nathy shares a room with his girlfriend and Rion and I are in separate other rooms. We live in this big old house in a very nice Melbourne suburb.
We have a garden with massive shady trees, a pond and fish in it, and birds chirping happily all over the place. All you can ask for really.

Rion told me the story of how Nathy met his girlfriend the other day and I had to recount this with you.

When I was in LA, the two lads were out together at one of the cool nightclubs out here in Melbourne.

They strolled in and grabbed a beer. Soaking up the fun of another exciting night out.

SIDE MENTAL NOTE: When you go out, you should not have a care or stress in the world. This is your FUN.
This is not your scan the nightclub in a stupid hazy hope that you will get girls. Sure, you can check out the talent around the place.
But LET YOUR NIGHT HAPPEN. Its inevitable that you will end up with girls - thats just how it goes.
So no need to stress, relax and enjoy your night! Do not allow yourself to go into “chode mode”.

The whole wooo! thing in “flawless natural” came from us guys walking into a venue and just soaking it up. Looking at all the glory girls swirling around. You cannot help but WOOO!

Anyway Rion and Nathy are doing their thing and suddenly Nathy is LOVESTRUCK by a girl through the crowd. He looks across and says to Rion “I like her, a lot”.

There was something about her that struck Nathy’s chord. “Im going to go tell her” he says to Rion with a cheeky grin. Rion laughs. This is nothing out of the ordinary. He enjoys the show.

Nathy walks right up to this girl and taps her on the shoulder. She and all her friends stop the conversation and turn to him wondering what he is going to say.

With a self assured grin, as cool, calm and sincere as anything - he looks her right in the eye, ignoring the other girls and announces “I like you.”

The way he said it. The total disregard for anything else in the world apart from the fact that he is a man that is SURE OF HIMSELF, made her blush and instantly attracted to him.

They spent a fun night together with her friends and Rion. A month later they move in to this very house I now reside.
Happy as can be.

When Nathy simply walked up and said “I like you”. The weight of these words was so heavy. Because he is a man that is sure of himself.

“I like you.” Coming from a place of total abundance. It must have felt like the biggest compliment in the world to her.

What I really want you to think about this week is how much weight do your words hold when talking to a woman?
How much weight do your words hold in general?
Do you live by what you speak?

Three simple words were worth A LOT more to her than a whole night of conversation.

This is being a sexworthy man.

Hit me up with some comments and let me know your hearing me !

Until next week.


whaatts up!? (the Australian big guns)


timothy marc

Well its been a long time…

REALLY long…

Fate came along and swept me off my feet.

As you know, one of my ultimate passions in life…  one of my purposes… is DJ’ing and dance music. Since I was a kid it was always the dream. It just so happens that I love beautiful women as well. It is no secret that I believe my future wife is swirling around somewhere in Sweden at the moment.

swedish glory

The thing I am most proud of when I look back on this last year and the Flawless Natural program, is that the amazing people who study this program are getting such amazing results with women. So good that we are now seeing students get INSTRUCTOR LEVEL GOOD in just weeks after watching or taking a bootcamp. It’s THAT good and i’m proud to say that I played a massive part in that.

It was a few months ago that I received a MASSIVE calling while I was living in Los Angeles. The sort of call that you can only dream of. It was an Australian voice offering me the Dj’ing opportunity of a lifetime.

Holding my very own dvd set in my hands I realised that it was time to go do it. To have a massive go at becoming a professional DJ/Producer.

So for now, its Melbourne Australia for me.

Im writing and producing my own house music as well as regular DJ gigs here in Australia.

Does this mean Natural Tim is gone?

Haha. No way. It only gets BETTER!

The game never leaves you. Once you go down the rabbit hole of success with women you are HERE TO STAY!

So stay tuned for more articles and updates of my DJing, music and more importantly, WOMEN adventures.

You will get to follow me up close and personal. A guy who went through and became an elite coach in success and dating with women, and now is applying that to another exciting area of his life.

This has never been seen in the success with women community!

Another guy I really admire in this area is my fellow Aussie homeboy Alexander~.


alex himself

alex himself

While I was soaking up the spotlight putting together Flawless Natural, Alexander~ was working his way to the top. He is a humble guy and pretty young so no one imagined what he was capable of.

In the last 18 months he’s taught more bootcamps on planet earth than anyone else. In the last six months he won the coveted prestegious RSD instructor competion, which puts him at the top as the most hard working and loved instructor.

As you guys know all instructors spoke at the Flawless Natural superconference. Alex had never spoken in public before and out of no where blew everyone away. Scoring as high as myself and Jeffy who are seasoned speakers.

This kid motivated me to step it up for an elite perfomance on the day of recording Flawless Natural a month later.

And it will be the enigma of Alex that will be launching his own free workshop world tour.

Keep an eye out for him in a city near you soon. The latest news is he wants to hone his speaking and presentation skills from excellent to the level of mastery. He is getting on the road to test all his brand new content that he is secretly putting into the long awaited and much requested immaculate inner game feature presentation (you heard it hear first!).

Tyler and I both agree, one of the best we have ever seen in field too.

I remember when I met Alex. I called Tyler telling him that we have to bring this guy on. Years later, I’m very proud to recognise him as a fellow member of the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaching group.

Make sure you check out his blog which is very detailed and amazing stuff, to say the least:

With this guy, Ryan and Brad representing RSD you know there are amazing things to come.

Right now, I’m off to mix it up and summon some girls up to the DJ box.

Come check me out some time

stay tuned champs.


Tim World Tour ‘08

Here is my upcoming schedule for the rest of this year.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Please check to see if you can make it to any of these:

Note: Workshops are FREE presentations from myself in the designated city.

CLICK HERE for booking info


July 25-27: Los Angeles Bootcamp
July 31st: Amsterdam Workshop
August 1-3: Amsterdam Bootcamp
August 5: Stockholm Workshop
August 7: London Workshop
August 16: Vancouver Workshop
August 17: Seattle Workshop
August 22-24: Los Angeles Bootcamp
August 29-31: Los Angeles Bootcamp
September 4-6: Los Angeles Bootcamp
September 19-21: Los Angeles Bootcamp
September 23: Denver Workshop
September 25: Chicago Workshop
September 26-28: Chicago Bootcamp
October 2-4: Los Angeles Bootcamp
October 9-11: Los Angeles Bootcamp
October 28: Adelaide Workshop
October 30: Perth Workshop
November 1: Sydney Workshop
November 2: Gold Coast Workshop
November 4: Auckland Workshop
November 12: Munich Workshop
November 13: Zurich Workshop
November 14-16: Amsterdam Bootcamp
November 18: Gothenburg Workshop
November 20: Oslo Workshop
November 21-23: Stockholm Bootcamp
November 25: Edinburgh Workshop
November 26: Dublin Workshop
November 27-29: Dublin Bootcamp
December 5-7: Tokyo Bootcamp   CLICK HERE for booking info

I am attacking this like Lonadis. Spartans. Be ready.


PS. If anyone is a nightclub promoter and wants me to DJ in any of these locations at these times please email

getting more advanced

Hello how are you today!?

I am inspired. Each and every time I log on to RSDnation or my video blog I realize that we are surrounded by some really talented and smart people who are good at picking up women.

The wealth of knowledge that we all bring to the table is moving the world forward in a great way. Girls are happy and so are we! Today I want to talk about something a little more advanced: Talking Congruently.

Have you ever been talking to a girl and been thinking “wtf!? this girl is being a bitch for the sake of it” or “what the hell is this girl talking about” or “damn this girl is being so cold for NO REASON”…

Now let me ask you: how many times have you actually called the girl out on it? Let me illustrate answering a question over at RSDnation


Originally Posted by RichBristol View Post

Hey mate,I’d love to know more about how you turn around uber-bitchy responses - like, the eastern-european ice-queen, the L.A. turbo who dismisses every guy instantly, etc…what sort of things will you do and what vibe do you have to plow through and turn it round?Thanks man!

Rich! when this happens to me… something inside me says “wtf! I am being cool and she is being a shithead”…

It’s that ’something inside me’ that is the answer. You see, if you are communicating absolutely congruently and from the CORE YOU, then you would have no problems saying to a girl “What the hell is your problem? geeeez! lighten up girly”

I have told girls to shut the fuck up before, when to the CORE felt they needed it.The feminine is always going to test the masculine CORE. So I just see it as an opportunity to get on top of that FAST.

You are an advanced guy… a money guy for that matter - start communicating what you REALLY FEEL. Like if she is acting total chode TELL HER. She needs to know that you will call her on her ice queen bullshit.

NOTE: RichBristol is an ADVANCED DUDE who has his SHIT DIALED. I dont want all you n00bs running around telling girls they are a bitch, when you are approaching like a creepy chode yourself…. its up to you to make the call.

good luck man

I am interested in your guys thoughts on this: hit me up with a comment.


your nT

the revolution will not be televised - free tim track

I’m up late. Very late.

Have you ever had a song spinning in your head that you just can’t shake?

I was lying in bed thinking of this old school house tune I used to play when learning to DJ…

So the insomnia caused me to make a remix and also share it with you.

Lets call it “Music to make love to your old lady by (at night)”

timothy marc - the revolution will not be televised

click the headphones to download for free



1. Play.

2. Call the girl over that you have been thinking about.

3. Play again.



P.S I know alex is into this chillout late night stuff right now. Might have inspired his latest cool article: check it at

Time to man up!

Hey there,

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a personal epiphany, it never happens when you are just sitting around watching TV or hanging
at your house. It happens when you are MOVING, WALKING or in the shower or doing something else. Definitely NOT when you sit around waiting for a good idea.

I had an epiphany the other day while on my way to grab a coffee that I thought would be a wicked perspective for you on Natural Game.

Attraction between a man and a woman occurs when there are clear POLAR OPPOSITES.

The two separate poles are MASCULINE and FEMININE.

Now as a dude, to the core, most of us have a masculine tendancy.
However you can also have a bias towards feminine and that’s ok too.

For the purposes of this article I will discuss you as being a MASCULINE male.

What comes into your mind when you think of the word MASCULINE?

Goes after what he wants.

Ok, so what comes into your mind when you thing of the word FEMININE?


You get the picture.

Now, on a deeper level. A man MUST follow his core PURPOSE.
That is whatever he chooses to be his LIFE CRAFT.

You could be a Lawyer, Dentist, Businessman, Musician, whatever.

My life craft for the last six years has been learning and coaching being successful with woman. My other craft is also a house music DJ.

What is YOUR life craft?

Have YOU looked deep inside and DECIDED that this is my craft?
If not, you may be killing yourself.

The key is YOU decide it - nobody external can decide it for you.
Your parents, friends and family may want a craft for you but ultimately for you to be fulfilled as a man - YOU must choose your craft.

Let me ask you another question:

Are you following your craft with absolute passion and energy?

Look again at some of the words that describe the masculine:


Do you feel these types of things on a regular basis with your craft?

Now for the important part: How this relates to attracting women.

Look at this diagram:

This attraction circle represents a deeper core level of attraction that a woman will feel for a MAN. A man truley aligned with his craft.

Here is the order:

1. It starts with YOU the MAN focusing SOLEY on your CRAFT.
2. This craft may or may not be VISIBLE to the WOMAN.
(I’ll explain the importance of visibility in a second)
3. The woman focuses on the MAN and can see him firmly rooted in his CRAFT


A woman must see you firmly rooted in your craft (yourself).

Does this mean she has to see you at your desk job plugging away?


There are 2 types of visibility: 1. Physical 2. Implicit.

1. Physical Visability. She actually SEES you at your craft.
Where hopefully you are displaying those MASCULINE properties outlined above.


You are speaking at a conference on business.
You are a DJ and are owning the room.
You are a bringing in sales.
You are playing basketball or some sport and doing well.
You are a rockstar.

Notice the socially most attractive crafts have the highest PHYSICAL VISABILITY?

E.g. You are a rockstar. Up there performing your craft in front of thousands.
Pretty damn attractive.

Hold up. I don’t want you all to run out and start learning the guitar just yet.

2. Implicit Visability

Now this one is very potent on a micro level.

When you walk up to a woman, and approach with a certain intensity and tonality, you can INSTANTLY communicate the same vibe as a guy with high visability.

You can actually go up to a girl and say “Hey, I’m Joe” and immediately communicate that you are one of THOSE GUYS.

For example, say Tom Cruise (whatever you think of him) was on an island where nobody knew who he was. Would he walk up to a girl and be all nervous because they don’t know who he is?

No. He would walk over as he would to anyone - assuming they know who he is!

Think about the certain tone of voice, the ease of bodylanguage and communication of all of those masculine traits.

The two things I want you to get out of today’s article are these:

1. Are you living to your craft?

What happens when you take your eyes off your craft and let a woman become your core focus? disaster. I remember when I made a girlfriend my sole purpose and focus back in the day - the result: she cheated on me with a loser.

Pick your craft. Be disciplined. Own it like a man should.

2. How perceptively VISIBLE are you?

When you walk up and talk to a girl does she get the FEELING that you are a sought after/visible guy who can handle himself and his craft?

Hope this stirs some thinking :)

Post up a comment and let me know what YOU think



Giving Thanks

An important thankyou:

To all the amazing characters on my blogs, RSDnation and beyond.

To all the students I have ever helped achieve the success and women they ever wanted.

To all the champs that are out there in field getting girls (whether they have seen my stuff or not).

To all the RSD staff who make magic happen.

I just clicked on a comment I recieved recently that I want to share - this is what the Flawless Natural launch tomorrow is all about:


Jon Says:

“Tim, Great teleseminar today man.

I was thinking about it today and I have studied every article etc on game from “the book” to todays flawless natural seminar.

It wasn’t until RSD that I thought, “Yes! This is it! This is what it’s supposed to be.”I have devoured all RSD material since then and the results have been tremendous. Then suddenly, months later,boom here comes Tim on a mission.

All the nebulous concepts that have been sort of ambiguous in my mind became concrete with the blog and videoblog. Your language and breakdown speak to my learning style and its on.

I recently had success this past weekend and I used Tim style no game. I just was the game. You’re doing a huge thing for us out here who have been studying this for awhile and needed a click. So thanks for that click Tim. Keep going strong and helping us to walk towards the best selves we can be.”


Cheers to all of our success in the future!

The past five years have been worth it :)

Enjoy the launch (and the preceeding women generated from it)

your T

mr WOOO! and mr non wooo

Hey there,

Some non serious fun today.

To celebrate the launch of the Flawless Natural Method on DVD, Jeffy and I went into the studio to create a few classic episodes detailing WOOO! (a guy who is inside his head vs a guy who is outside his head).

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

wooo! times


It’s Here. The FULL FLAWLESS NATURAL METHOD is being released

Hey there,

Today is a really exciting day for you and me!

After all the questions such as: “Tim, what is your full entire method?”, “Are you putting this out on DVD/CD?”, “Where can I learn EVERYTHING all in one package?”

Well this past six months has been a massive preparation for the bomb thats dropping on July 2:


Click over to to see what its all about before you read on…

It consists of THREE never-seen-before components to take you light years ahead in your results:

1) The Flawless Attitude

2) The Flawless 5 Step Method

3) The Flawless Ecosystem.

As you would expect I have kept it very light on theory, and focused on teaching you his secret framework that will blow up your immediate response from women literally the same night you put it to the test.

It will teach you the secrets of my DIRECT and NATURAL approach, from start to finish, by tapping into your “Core Masculine Intent”
so that you are lethally effective and hyper potent in all your interactions with all the honeys out there.


This is 100% FRESH, NEW CONTENT with ZERO REHASH of anything you’ve ever experienced - a total quantum leap in both your abilities “in the field” and your success with the exact type of women you want.

I have also included a heap of LIVE IN FIELD FOOTAGE (a first for RSD) as a teaching aid to make this the most successful program you’ve ever done.